What are the different parts of the hair dryer?

A hair dryer only requires two parts to generate the hot air needed to completely dry your hair.

While hair dryers vary widely in manufacturers and options, there are essentially just a few key components in a basic hair dryer. Most hair dryer parts consist of a motor fan, heating component, circuitry and plastic frames. Manufacturers may also include a concentrating nozzle and diffuser.

Patents for hair dryers are only made to fit packaging and external designs. This is done to cater to different demographics and consumers. With the exception of additional safety features, most hair dryer parts share similar infrastructure, designs, and purposes.

Most hair dryers consist of a fan motor, heating component, circuitry and plastic frames.

A hair dryer will only need two parts to generate the hot air needed to completely dry your hair. These hair dryer parts consist of a simple fan motor and a heating element. The engine fan and heating component are used together to create hot air.

When a hair dryer is on, an electric current powers it. The circuit supplies electricity to the heating component, which is usually a plate made of ceramic or tourmaline. The electricity then powers the motor’s fan, which makes it spin. Air is usually generated down the barrel, past the heating component. As air flows through the heating component, freshly heated air exits the other end of the hair dryer.

Hairdryers are usually made from a couple of plastic molds. These plastic molds are then installed with screws. Plastic parts are created through injection molding, a process that involves molding molten plastic into the shape of a hair dryer.

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All other parts of the hair dryer are generally designed for safety measures. Most hair dryers include a safety off button that turns the hair dryer off if it exceeds a certain temperature. Another safety feature that often works in conjunction with the shutdown switch is a thermal fuse built into the electrical circuit. This fuse has small metal clips built into it, which will melt if the temperature is high enough. This will render the hair dryer inoperative.

Some manufacturers have a concentration nozzle packaged with their hair dryers. These nozzles, when placed, are capable of directing hair flow to a single section of hair. Concentration nozzles are beneficial for blow-dryers by applying tension with a round brush, allowing the wearer to direct heat into the hair, subsequently smoothing it. A diffuser is usually packaged as well, allowing curlier hair types to dry gently.

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