What are the different parts of a bed frame? (with photos)

A bed frame supports the mattress and spring base.

Supporting a sleeping mattress can simply mean laying it on the floor, but to keep it clean and free from bed bugs, a bed frame is needed. The bed frame parts may vary depending on the style and design of the bed, but generally the bed will have support legs, support rails that support the mattress, a footboard and a headboard. Other components may also exist, depending on how the structure is built; other parts may include casters, brackets, risers, screws and nuts.

Some bed frames have built-in storage.

The parts of the bed frame that actually support the mattress and bed frame include the bed legs and rails. The headboard and footboard are generally decorative only, although some have holes or drawers that have a more utilitarian function. The rails will support the box spring, although on platform beds, no box spring is used; instead, a wider flat surface known as a platform will be included to support the mattress and prevent it from falling over. On some collapsible steel frames, the bed rails can be moved to various positions along the frame rails to better support the box spring.

Platform beds do not require a box spring for support.

Casters are wheels mounted on the underside of the frame to allow the user to easily move the entire bed. The parts of the bed frame that support the bed itself, in addition to the casters, are called feet and some are height adjustable. The casters can be locked in place to prevent the bed from moving during use, then unlocked to move freely when the frame needs to be moved. The feet, on the other hand, will have flat surfaces that make sliding the frame quite easy, although this can cause scratches on certain types of flooring. Larger wooden or metal frames often feature recessed feet that are essentially part of the headboard and footboard.

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The headboard is positioned close to the sleeper’s head, and the footboard is opposite the headboard.

Headboards and feet are parts of the bed frame that rise up at the ends of the bed. The headboard is positioned close to the sleeper’s head, and the footboard is opposite the headboard. They are usually decorative elements, although they can also protect the walls behind or in front of the bed from dirt, soot and even impacts. Sometimes these parts of the bed frame feature drawers or cubicles. Certain types of bed frames, known as captain’s beds, will have drawers under the bed rails for additional storage potential.

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