What Are the Different Dental Hygienist Jobs?

Dental hygienists usually work in private dental offices.

A dental hygienist offers various dental treatments and other oral care to dental patients. The roles of a dental hygienist can range from routine to extraordinary. Sometimes they change depending on the configuration. Private practices, hospitals, dental hygiene schools and the military are some of the many dental hygienist jobs available.

Dental hygienists may perform dental radiographs.

In general, duties may include cleaning and polishing teeth, removing plaque on teeth and below the gum line, taking dental histories, mapping cavities and disease for the dentist to review, performing dental radiographs, and screening patients for signs of cancer. oral. Other responsibilities of the dental hygienist include making impressions or molds of teeth, educating patients on the correct procedures for good oral health, and applying anticaries agents to teeth, such as sealants. In some areas, the dental hygienist may be responsible for managing the patient’s pain and other restorative procedures.

Dental hygienists often polish patients’ teeth.

Depending on where the dental hygienist practices, he may work under the supervision of a dentist, with minimal supervision, or without supervision by a dentist. For example, in some areas, a dental hygienist may perform their duties in a nursing home setting with minimal supervision. In fact, dental hygienist jobs at many state institutions do not require much supervision.

Dental hygienists are often responsible for taking molds of a patient’s teeth.

Dental hygienist jobs are most common in private practices. These hygienists usually work for a single dentist or for a larger number of dentists as part of a group practice. Many other dental hygienist jobs can be found in the dental departments of hospitals, community agencies, health maintenance organizations, elementary and secondary schools, dental schools, and the military. A dental hygienist simply needs to explore the options that work best with their schedule, lifestyle and preferences and then apply to these dental hygienist jobs accordingly.

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Dental hygienists can give you tips on how to maintain good oral hygiene.

The World Health Organization and the Peace Corps offer many dental hygienist jobs abroad. While not a high-paying job, accepting such a position can be a rewarding experience. New areas of the world can be explored and even a dental hygienist can provide life-changing care in areas of the world where dental care is a luxury. To apply for such a job, she must go through the proper channels with each organization, filling out paperwork and conducting interviews.

The dental hygienist can help with dental x-rays.

Other dental hygienist jobs may require additional educational and work experience beyond that of a typical dental hygienist. For example, jobs such as researchers, consultants, educators, and administrators are potential positions that a dental hygienist can take. These dental hygienist jobs are usually held at a university or dental school.

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