What are the different construction jobs?

People interested in construction jobs can find work as construction inspectors.

A common misconception about the construction industry is that it is filled with low-skill, low-wage jobs for blue-collar workers. In fact, commercial construction is a highly professional field, and individuals of all types of backgrounds are required to successfully complete projects. The vast majority of construction jobs require a little skill and training, and even those with years of experience find they are constantly learning new things as they move from project to project. Those looking to break into the industry will find many different construction jobs to choose from, with something for all interests and skill levels.

Building inspectors ensure that a building project is built to code.

Every construction job starts with a design team made up of architects and engineers. These professionals work with owners and developers to create a set of building plans that are used to build the project. Architects and engineers must consider building codes, safety, constructability, and the intended function of space when developing their designs. After the plans are completed, the design team is still heavily involved in construction. They participate in construction site meetings, carry out surveys and generally manage the administration of the project until the work is completed.

Building inspectors are responsible for granting an occupancy permit following a construction project.

For other professional construction jobs, consider the opportunities offered by general contractors. These companies take responsibility for building a project from start to finish. They employ project managers and engineers, who develop budgets, update schedules, and coordinate the various traders involved in the project. These individuals may work on-site with a superintendent, who manages day-to-day field operations and typically works from a temporary office or trailer. While project managers often have engineering or construction degrees, superintendents often advance through the professions and typically do not need formal degrees.

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Project development is a job in the construction industry.

Those looking for more hands-on construction jobs may want to work with an outsourced company. These companies are hired by general contractors to carry out the physical works at the construction site. Outsourced companies range from painters to electricians to bricklayers, and require employees with varying skill levels. The teams provided by these companies often include a foreman, who manages the other workers, takes care of paperwork, and often performs special tasks. The rest of the team is made up of other workers, from unskilled workers and auxiliaries to highly skilled technicians.

Some construction jobs require skilled workers with extensive training and experience.

Finally, those interested in construction work can look for work as building inspectors. These professionals usually work for municipal bodies and are responsible for reviewing drawings, issuing permits, and inspecting work for safety and code compliance. The building inspector is also responsible for issuing a certificate of End Use and Occupancy, which attests that construction has been satisfactorily completed and the building is ready for public use. Inspectors may also work for organizations such as the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which protect the safety and well-being of all employees.

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