What are the different beard removal methods?

Men shave to remove facial hair.

Shaving is sometimes a necessary requirement for those working in a corporate environment, while others may remove facial hair for more cosmetic reasons. There are several beard removal methods that can be used. Shaving, depilatory creams, threading and waxing or sweetening are viable beard removal options. The beard removal method you choose should suit your hair type and length as well.

Beard wax can be used to remove facial hair.

Shaving tends to be the more traditional beard removal method used by most men. The process consists of spreading shaving cream on the whiskers and using a razor blade to cut the hair from the face. While shaving is an option for those with naturally straight hair, individuals with curly hair may experience ingrown hairs. This is because the hair curls back into the skin as it starts to grow, causing inflammation. Using a shaving cream for sensitive skin and then applying a finishing lotion can help prevent this problem.

Ingrown facial hair occurs when a part of the shaved hair gets stuck in the hair follicle.

Depilatory creams are another option for a complete beard removal. The depilatory cream breaks the protein bonds in the beard, allowing a person to remove the hair with a clean cloth. Even though it is an excellent option for thick beards, there is a danger of leaving the cream on the skin for longer. Depilatory creams used for a long time begin to eat away at the skin, damaging it and causing chemical burns. If the beard can tolerate depilatory creams, then this is an option for those with ingrown hairs or who prefer a longer lasting option.

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Some men prefer to use a razor when shaving their face.

If the person doesn’t have a full beard with an occasional handful of mustaches, threading is an option. This method consists of rubbing a string along the face that clings to the hair, systematically removing it. While it is a viable option for growing light hair, the pain factor may deter some users.

Waxing and sweetening are the most painful but longest lasting hair removal methods. These beard removal methods consist of applying a wax to the beard in the direction of hair growth and then smoothing a cloth over the waxed area. The hair will then essentially be pulled out of its follicles in the opposite direction of hair growth, leaving a smooth finish.

Although done in much the same way, applying sugar tends to be a little gentler than waxing, allowing it to be a form of beard removal for individuals with sensitive skin. Unlike hair removal, sugar waxes do not contain resins. The ingredients in sugar waxes are also water soluble, allowing for easy cleaning.

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