What are the common causes of socket error 10013?

Socket errors occur for a variety of reasons, from encountering a bad server to having no internet connection. A socket error 10013 occurs because permission to access the server has been denied. This happens almost exclusively because the firewall or antivirus program on the user’s computer is configured with a high security level, but it can also happen because there are several functions linked to the same driver and this confuses the socket. In the case of the former, the error is easy to correct, but the latter is more difficult. Until the socket error is resolved, the computer will not be able to access the server.

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Sometimes firewalls and antivirus programs are the cause of a socket error, but in the case of a socket error 10013 they are almost exclusively the cause. Firewalls are designed to protect a computer from harmful connections, so they often restrict server connections. This means that access permission will be vehemently denied.

If the user turns off the firewall, the access permission will pass – if the firewall is the reason for the access denied – but it can become cumbersome for a user to keep turning the firewall on and off whenever he wants to access a server. The best way to fix this is to check the “Permissions” section of the program and see if the server is there. Otherwise, you should contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask for help adding the new server to the list.

Outdated drivers can also be to blame for a socket error 10013. The server may no longer use the drivers, which is why the permission cannot be granted. If this is the reason for the error, performing a general computer refresh will usually resolve the issue. If not, check the software manufacturer’s website for new drivers and download them to your computer. Corrupted drivers can also cause this issue, but updating or downloading new drivers should resolve the issue in the same way.

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The most difficult reason to fix for socket error 10013 is if more than one driver or program is linked to the same driver. This requires the user to access the driver code and differentiate between the two or more programs. It is often easier to contact the creator of the software for help with this issue, because the creator must be able to guide the user through the necessary steps to differentiate the programs.

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