What are the best voicemail etiquette tips?

It is good voicemail etiquette to leave a phone number in the voicemail message.

Leaving a voice message can be quite stressful for people who feel uncomfortable talking to a machine. In business environments in particular, one may feel obligated to speak a certain way or refrain from saying certain words. Fortunately, voicemail etiquette is quite similar to other forms of business communication, and as long as the person leaving voicemail speaks clearly and leaves pertinent information on the recording, voicemail etiquette is largely part, being followed up effectively. One should remember to be brief, accurate and well spoken when leaving a business message and when leaving a casual message one should also follow voicemail etiquette and be brief and clear.

It’s important to speak slowly and clearly on voicemail.

When leaving a message, the main purpose is to convey a brief description of who the caller is and where they can be reached in the future. The person receiving the voicemail cannot obtain this information if the caller does not speak clearly. The message must not be rushed; he or she must speak clearly and provide only the basic information the caller needs to get back to the caller. Leave a phone number on the recording and be sure to spell it out clearly so the person receiving the call can understand it.

Voicemail messages should be pleasant to encourage the party to call back.

On business calls, voicemail etiquette dictates that the caller is not too casual with the person receiving the call. The caller should think of voicemail as an interaction with the real person; he should think about how he would interact with the person receiving the call, if it were a face-to-face interaction, and speak accordingly. Slang, name-calling and excessive familiarity should be avoided, although this does not mean that the caller should sound cold and distant. Everyone who receives a voicemail will react more positively to a cheerful voice than a cold or angry one, so be smart but polite.

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To follow voicemail etiquette, one should avoid long voicemails with excessive details and incoherent diatribes. Voicemail is not the appropriate forum to expand on a topic that needs to be discussed; rather, it is a way of communicating to the other person that a face-to-face or telephone conversation is needed. Brevity can improve a business relationship rather than harm it, and an immediate response should not be expected from the person being called. The idea of ​​voicemail is to leave a message, not start or continue an entire conversation.

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