What are the best tips for styling feathered hair?

Using a volumizing shampoo is key for feathery hair.

The best tips for styling feathered hair include selecting lightweight styling products, using a hairdryer and round brush to create shapes, and creating rounded waves with curling irons for longer hairstyles. Feathered hair that is naturally curly can also be straightened one section at a time with a flat iron. Since feathered hair is typically cut with a method that removes volume and adds texture, it typically retains the style in many cases. Styling methods can vary depending on the length of a feathered hairstyle, and some hair heads respond better to heat styling than others. Most stylists recommend a good heat protectant hair spray or leave-in conditioner to keep your hair in the best shape possible.

One of the first steps to getting the style you want with feathered hair is regular use of a quality shampoo and conditioner. Individuals with fine, fine hair can often create the look of fuller hair with a feather cut and volumizing shampoo. Stylists generally recommend conditioners without a lot of ingredients that can build up in the hair. This problem can sometimes be more obvious in a feathered hairstyle than in an even-length cut.

Shorter feathered hairstyles are typically cut closer to the head with even layers throughout the longest part of the hair. These haircuts are among the easiest to style, and many users simply apply the styling product of their choice and dry their hair while styling with their fingers. Medium-length feathered haircuts are usually best styled with a brush and hairdryer used at the same time. The diameter of the brush usually depends on the thickness of the hair, and many stylists recommend a round brush with bristles made from natural material rather than plastic. Plastic brush bristles are sometimes responsible for hair breakage.

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Long hair with feathers is often cut with more weight at the back and most layers cut to frame the face. This type of hair is typically blow-dried in a similar way to medium-length feathered hair, although hairdressers often advise separating thicker long hair into manageable sections during blow-drying and styling. Long feather styles with more waves and curls can be achieved with a larger barrel curling iron. Small-diameter curling irons do not always secure strands of hair with feathers as well due to the number of layers. A common trick with curling iron shaping is to hold each curled section in place against the head for longer-lasting curl.

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