What are the best tips for starting a painting business?

Painting materials.

The best tips for starting a painting business are to take out insurance, hand out business cards and brochures, and have before and after photos to show potential customers. A big part of starting a painting business is selling the service, and the best tips take that into account. For example, having insurance not only helps when the owner or an employee of the painting business breaks something on a client’s property, it’s also another way to stand out from the crowd. Also, business cards and brochures are relatively inexpensive ways to advertise. Lastly, before and after photos can be shown to potential customers to demonstrate a company’s expertise and attention to detail.

A painter at work.

Business insurance helps pay for damages to the client’s home if something unexpected happens during the completion of a job. It can help the new owner of a painting business go bankrupt due to an accident. Insurance can be an important selling point when mentioned in advertisements. In fact, many small businesses are quick to point out their insurance policies. Some people are more likely to purchase services from relatively unknown companies, knowing that property damage is covered by an insurance company.

Ink and a brush.

It is normal to be short on cash or to be in debt to a bank when starting a painting business. Some inexpensive ways to advertise are flyers stuck in mailboxes or cars and business cards to hand out to acquaintances. A start-up business often cannot rely on word of mouth alone, so being proactive with even the cheapest forms of advertising is key to starting a painting business. After making some profit, the business owner can place advertisements in newspapers, telephone directories, or even internet-based advertisements on painting-related websites. To maximize the effectiveness of each ad, it’s important to advertise to a target audience, which means the ad should be placed where someone in need of a painting can look.

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Painting is just one part of a painting business, the rest includes marketing and advertising services.

Even if a business owner has professional aviators and insurance, potential customers still have no idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir painting skills. Before and after photos are proof of a person’s business skills. The company doesn’t even need a first customer to get these photos. Business owners can renovate a room in their own or a friend’s house, taking care to take good quality photos with the owner’s permission. In a photo editing program, these photos can be scaled down and cropped to fit into brochures or just used as independent evidence to show potential clients during budget meetings.

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