What are the best tips for marinating chicken thighs?

Chicken legs can be marinated in a mixture of spices, orange juice and olive oil.

Marinating the chicken legs increases the tenderness of the meat and helps improve the flavor of the finished dish. The recipe and ingredients used in the marinade and the amount of time the chicken thighs are soaked will have the biggest impact on the flavor of the finished meat. Experimenting with different recipes, marinating chicken thighs multiple times, and choosing different cooking methods can help a cook choose the best techniques. Once marinated, chicken legs must be cooked to the proper temperature and basic methods of safe poultry handling must be used to ensure success.

Most recipes for marinating chicken legs include an acid like vinegar or lemon juice, a fat like vegetable oil, and lots of seasonings for flavor. Choosing a recipe that includes enough liquid to fully soak the chicken will help give the entire dish a consistent flavor. If the marinade ingredients and flavors are appealing, the finished chicken will likely taste good too. Assembling the marinade just before adding the chicken ensures that all the ingredients will be fresh and flavorful. The skin can be removed before marinating, if desired; it will be difficult to remove when the marinade is complete.

The ingredients chosen to marinate the chicken thighs must be assembled and thoroughly mixed. The chicken can be soaked in the marinade in a bowl or inside a plastic ziplock bag. For best results, it is recommended to marinate chicken legs for at least 24 hours. Chicken should be marinated in the refrigerator, not on the counter, to help ensure food safety. Once the chicken is ready to cook, the used marinade should be discarded; should not be used as a sauce for cooking or basting. If desired, a small amount of the recipe chosen for marinating the chicken thighs can be set aside before adding the chicken and then used during cooking.

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As with any bird, marinated chicken legs need to be cooked properly. After marinating the chicken legs, the pieces can be baked, baked, broiled or broiled; choosing a cooking method that complements the marinade recipe will result in the most flavorful chicken. All chicken cuts must be cooked to 160°F (71°C), regardless of the cooking method used. The appearance of the finished chicken does not indicate the temperature; Marinated chicken can brown more quickly than plain chicken, so a thermometer should be used to confirm that the legs are fully cooked.

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