What are the best tips for making fried pumpkin?

Before frying, the pumpkin must be cut into equal pieces.

When making fried squash, it’s best to cut it into even pieces. The oil used for frying should be hot, but not too hot. The cook should fry the squash until it is soft and golden, but not cook it too long. Seasonings like salt and pepper can also improve the pumpkin’s flavor. Most cooks prefer to use a skillet to make fried squash instead of frying the squash.

Sage can be used to season squash.

Cutting the squash can be one of the trickiest parts of preparing fried squash. To cut the squash into equal-sized cubes, the cook must first cut the squash in half, separating the thin neck from the bulbous part of the bottom. Each half of the pumpkin should then be cut in half, revealing the seeds.

Before dicing the pumpkin, the cook needs to harvest the seeds. While the seeds are edible, they shouldn’t be placed in a plate of fried pumpkin. After removing the seeds, the cook needs to peel the pumpkin. Pumpkin has a hard shell that is difficult to chew and digest and is best removed. Once the squash is peeled, the cook can start to cut it into cubes. 2.54 cm cubes are ideal.

The oil needs to be heated in a skillet before the squash can be fried. Ideally, the oil will have a high smoke point so the cook can heat it up enough to cook the squash without the oil developing flavors. Canola, peanut and sunflower oil are good choices.

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The cook only needs to cover the bottom of the pan with oil as she is not frying the squash. The oil is ready when it ripples slightly. The pumpkin must then be added to the pan. To brown the sides of the squash, the cook should let it rest for about a minute before stirring or tossing it in the skillet.

The cook can add seasonings of their choice to the fried pumpkin. Simple seasonings include salt and pepper. Some cooks may want to add fresh or dried herbs, such as sage or thyme, to the squash for cooking.

Fried pumpkin is ready when caramelized or browned. It shouldn’t be too dark or crispy on the outside, as that means it’s burnt. The squash should be soft enough that the cook can easily poke it with a fork. Typically, frying the squash takes about 10 minutes.

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