What are the best tips for making a feta omelet?

An egg used to make feta cheese omelets.

A feta omelet is an egg dish that contains feta cheese. Omelets are typically a mixture of scrambled eggs and spices wrapped around cheese. The result looks a bit like a folded flatbread sandwich or egg taco. Feta cheese is a salty, crumbly cheese that is very popular in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Some cooks like to make feta omelets with little more than eggs and cheese, while others love to garnish them with everything from spices and fresh vegetables to meats and garnishes.

Diced red peppers can add a pop of color to a feta cheese omelet.

Generally, a feta omelet starts with two or three eggs. The cook breaks them into a bowl and beats them with a fork or mixer until they are well blended into a uniform, yellow mixture. The eggs then go into a lightly greased skillet, heating over medium heat. When the eggs are slightly set, the cook turns them over and adds a handful of feta cheese in the center of the circle. Folding the circle of eggs in half or wrapping them around the feta cheese usually completes this dish.

Feta cheese is used to make feta omelets.

Many cooks like to combine other flavors with feta cheese to emphasize its savory flavor. This cheese also works great with fresh, acidic ingredients because its richness complements and enhances these flavors. Some basic flavors that a cook can add are black pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and tarragon. These spices are usually whisked into the egg mixture before being poured into the skillet. Feta cheese omelets rarely need extra salt because the cheese itself is so flavorful.

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If you like a feta omelet with lots of flavors, you can put vegetables in the pan a few minutes before you add the eggs. Seed and chopped tomatoes, shredded spinach, sliced ​​mushrooms, and halved olives of all kinds are some vegetables that generally taste good with feta cheese. Some may also like broccoli, asparagus tips, and green or red peppers. Choosing just a few of these additions usually prevents the omelet from breaking when the cook turns it over. More than three extra ingredients can make eggs heavy and cause them to tear.

A variety of meats also work well in feta cheese omelets. Spicy and sweet sausages, as well as lamb, turkey or beef sausages, are all possibilities. Crumbled bacon, seasoned chicken, and ham also often work well with feta cheese. Any meats added to a feta cheese omelet should already be fully cooked, making leftover meats desirable for this dish. The meat should also be cut into very small cubes or torn into small pieces and placed in the hot skillet before adding the eggs.

When choosing the final ingredients for any feta cheese omelet, the cook should almost always consider how they will go with the cheese. For example, it might not be a good idea to include garlic and salted ham in a feta cheese omelet. The best options might include ham and tarragon or just garlic and chicken. Cooks should limit additions — choosing just one meat and two vegetables or just three meatless vegetables — for this type of omelet. In addition to breaking the omelet, many flavors can get mixed up and completely hide the feta cheese.

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