What are the best tips for leadership workshop activities?

Leadership workshops often focus on increasing communication in the workplace.

One of the best tips for leadership workshop activities is to offer activities that help people define their special skills and strengths. Likewise, it is important that activities create a sense of cohesion within groups and that participants feel comfortable interacting with one another. Activities should be explored in a comfortable space that is well lit and allows participants enough space to move around and interact with one another. Many leadership workshop activities can be found in books and training manuals, as well as on the Internet.

Many leadership workshop activities can be found in the training manuals.

When helping to develop leadership skills among team members, students and volunteers, it is important to first help participants identify their own special strengths and skills. This is best done through leadership workshop activities that promote self-awareness. If one group is familiar with the other, a good activity is to have participants take turns praising a person for a specific attribute and then ask that person to name a strength or skill they appreciate in themselves.

Most workshops provide the instructor’s biography so that students can select the course that best fits their specific needs.

Leadership workshop activities work best when one group is comfortable with the other. Even if participants have never met before, spending time building a sense of unity and trust is important to an effective leadership workshop. Several ice-breaking activities work well for this purpose and can be found in printed leadership training materials or online sources.

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While the focus of most leadership workshop activities is on developing strong individual skills, there is also much value in mentoring future leaders to become effective team members. Most group leaders advise that at least one leadership workshop activity be devoted to teaching participants to follow and learn from other leaders as part of a team. Some leadership workshops approached this task by having participants take turns being blindfolded, while another participant or a group of participants offered verbal instructions on completing a manual task.

Developing workshops around activities that help strengthen listening skills can also be a good idea. Experts in this area often use leadership workshop activities that develop effective communication skills, which are essential for good leadership. These activities can range from ice-breaking activities to other skill development activities that require detailed listening skills and feedback.

In order for leadership workshop activities to be enjoyable and effective, it is important to select the right location for the workshop. Things like room temperature, space, and visual environment help set the tone for the workshop’s success. Using the right sound equipment and establishing ground rules for using other equipment such as cell phones, laptops and recording devices is also important to the overall success of leadership workshop activities.

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