What are the best tips for dressing up an apple shaped body?

Someone with the body shape of an “apple” carries weight in the waist and upper body, not just the hips and buttocks.

Some of the best tips for dressing an apple-shaped body involve wearing clothes that accentuate the bust and legs while drawing attention away from the hips and midsection. The idea is to wear clothes that will balance the wider top of an apple with its narrower bottom. Shorter skirts are often great options for women with this body shape. Also, darker solid tops and brighter patterns for bottoms can also be a good choice. Clothing that is narrower at the hips can also help create the desired silhouette.

Dark colors and shorter skirts are usually more appealing to women with apple-shaped bodies, like the model on the left.

Before deciding how to dress an apple-shaped body, a person must decide if he really has one. This body shape is characterized by wider shoulders and torso and fuller breasts. Women with this body type usually do not have a well-defined waist, can often gain weight around their midsection, and may have a flat butt. The attributes generally considered positive in an apple-shaped woman are usually breast size and shapely legs. To enhance your chest, a person with an apple-shaped body should wear a bra that supports and holds your breasts properly.

Empire-waisted tunics and dresses are good choices for a person with an apple-shaped body. Tunics are usually baggy and do not always show a person’s lack of waist. Likewise, the empire waist dress is fitted just below the bustline and flares out to lessen the emphasis on the waist. Knitted tops and jackets that hit the top of the hips instead of the waist can also help hide your waist and belly. Low-waisted dresses or tops can also help elongate the torso, as they are snug at the hips rather than a person’s waist.

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A-line skirts are also a good choice for a person with an apple-shaped body. These skirts flare out from the waist and help bring the lower half into proportion to the upper half. An apple-shaped person can also wear skirts that go above the knee to show off their legs. Jeans and pants should hug the hips, but should be straight or slightly flared. To give the appearance of more depth, jeans with back pockets can be worn.

Even shoes can improve the apple-shaped body type by lengthening the appearance of the body. Some examples of shoe styles that an apple shape can successfully wear are cat-heeled shoes and, for those that are shorter, pointy shoes. A wedge shoe is also recommended for this body type. The weight of the shoe can help balance the upper and lower halves of the body.

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