What are the best tips for building collagen?

A diagram of younger skin and older skin showing how decreased collagen can cause wrinkles.

The best tips for building collagen include using products that contain retinoids, laser cosmetic therapy, and consuming collagen-boosting foods. There are also dietary supplements available at many health food stores and online that contain collagen. Regular skin exfoliation can also help with collagen building. Using sunscreen can also help prevent premature collagen loss by blocking the anti-aging effects of the sun.

A jar of collagen cream.

Retinoid products, including doctor-prescribed Retin-A, help the skin produce more collagen, treating not only the outer layer of the skin, but the inner layer as well. Many anti-aging products are only strong enough to treat the outermost layer of the skin, and this is typically ineffective against aging because wrinkles start in the inner layer of the skin. A person using products containing retinoids may start to notice that their skin looks plumper and younger after prolonged daily use. Retinoid products tend to make a person more sensitive to sunlight, so using sunscreen is very important when using these products.

Collagen supplements can be used to help maintain a youthful appearance.

Cosmetic laser therapy can also help with collagen building. Doctors often use an IPL laser, which stands for intense pulsed light, to penetrate and correct fine lines and wrinkles under the skin’s outer surface. In most cases, the laser does not affect the outer layer. This means that there is usually almost no recovery time from this laser therapy method. The procedure is usually repeated between four and six times before maximum results can be achieved.

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Eating foods rich in omega-3s like avocados is a good way to build collagen.

In addition to creams and cosmetic procedures, many foods contain collagen or collagen-boosting substances. Eating these foods regularly can help build collagen. Green vegetables, soy products and many types of fish can be beneficial for collagen production. It’s also a good idea to eat foods high in omega-3s, such as most types of nuts and avocados.

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can trigger a premature loss of collagen.

There are many dietary supplements on the market that advertise collagen-building promises, but consumers should be careful before purchasing them. It may be a good idea to research the supplement’s effectiveness and speak to a trusted doctor before spending money on an herbal remedy that may not work. Taking good care of your skin with regular exfoliation can be one of the most effective ways to increase collagen and prevent its loss. Exfoliation sloughs off dead skin cells and stimulates skin layers, which can result in collagen production. Aging cannot be prevented, but a person is more likely to look younger than they are if they take good care of their skin by washing, exfoliating and using sunscreen regularly.

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