What are the best southern cooking tips?

A cookbook and utensils.

The roots of Southern American cuisine are plentiful and include styles from many different cuisines such as African American, British and Native American. One of the best tips for cooking true Southern cuisine is not to question the recipe. To people who didn’t grow up in the US South or visit it, Southern-style food ingredients and methods can sometimes seem excessive or silly. In the same vein, sometimes cooking methods and ingredients cannot be substituted; for example, slow-cooked barbecue is very different from pit barbecue. Lastly, meat is not usually required at every meal, and many southerners exclude it in favor of other sources of protein.

Many of the best southern dishes are pan-fried, like liver and onion dredged with spices.

Southern cuisine can be a hearty dish with lots of vegetables or fried red meat with gravy. Although they are a stereotype, some southern dishes are not what a doctor would normally recommend. The cook should not be alarmed if a dish calls for more butter than expected. Also, occasionally spices and vegetables are overused, but for the best southern cooking, the recipe should be followed with minimal tweaking. Every kitchen is different and it might be a little unusual to cook at first.

In the southern United States, pulled pork is a favorite at backyard barbecues.

It might be nice to roast a meat instead of grilling it in a kitchen, but until a cook is familiar with Southern cooking, he or she shouldn’t substitute cooking methods or ingredients. For example, grilled pork and chicken are popular in the southern United States, but many people prefer a certain type of barbecue. Slow-cooked or roasted barbecue can taste and look very different from pit barbecue and may even require different seasonings. Another example is green beans. Some people roast their green beans, while others fry them, and still others prefer to simply microwave them until hot. Each method produces a different flavor and texture.

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Lastly, a beginning Southern cook usually doesn’t need to add meat to a plate of beans. Southern cuisine often substitutes beans for meat; for example, a popular dish is called meat and vegetables. This dish basically consists of a kind of beans accompanied by a variety of green vegetables. Substituting beans for meat is not necessarily a bad thing. Beans can be much cheaper, while still providing a good amount of protein. In addition, they tend to have a long shelf life, unlike many meats, which must be consumed a few months after freezing, or else the quality declines.

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