What are the best greenhouse plants? (with photos)

Lychees can grow in greenhouses.

The best greenhouse plants are varieties that have the same or similar temperature requirements. By selecting plants with comparable environmental needs, gardeners can have a level of assurance that the flowers, fruits or vegetables in their greenhouses will grow and bloom together. Tropical, subtropical, succulent, and edible plants are just a few of the different types of plants that can be successfully grown in a greenhouse when paired with plants of the same type.

Cucumbers grow well in greenhouses.

Greenhouse plants ideal for gardeners looking to grow a vegetable garden include beets, carrots, cucumbers, chives, lettuce, peas, peppers and tomatoes. While the temperature requirements for these vegetables are similar, each has its own set of conditions for proper planting. Beetroot and carrots, for example, are roots and are usually grown in boxes or vats placed in shady areas. Tomatoes can also be grown in pots, but they require more light than roots and may need some kind of support to ensure their growth. Corn can also be grown in a greenhouse, and many gardeners have found that the best results come from planting the corn directly in a specially made bed in the greenhouse floor.

Peas grow well in a greenhouse.

Flowers are reliable greenhouse plants. Surprisingly, orchids are one of the most popular plants for a greenhouse, despite the perception that they are sensitive and difficult to grow. There are several varieties of orchids that have been cultivated by greenhouse growers with great success; these include calanthe, dendrobium, laelia and phalaenopsis. Other types of flowers that grow well together are daffodils, snapdragons, and tulips.

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Tropical fruits such as bananas can grow well in a greenhouse.

Orchids aren’t the only tropical-type plants that are easy to grow. Begonias, cyclamen, ferns, fuchsia and gladioli all appreciate moisture and grow well together in a greenhouse environment. Tropical fruits also thrive as hothouse plants; this includes banana, lychee, mango, persimmon and star fruit.

Growing plants in a greenhouse allows gardeners a high level of control over the elements. While temperature and light exposure can be regulated, the size of a greenhouse cannot. Most greenhouses have limited space and gardeners find the best course of action is to select greenhouse plants that produce the optimal amount of output relative to the size of the plant. For example, a gardener may not find it beneficial to buy a large fruit tree that produces five or six fruits, no matter how new or delicious the crop. Instead, he will use all the space in the greenhouse to plant as many vegetables, fruits and flowers as possible.

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