What are the best dressing tips for broad shoulders?

Wearing a dark blouse helps make the woman’s shoulders less broad.

For men, having broad shoulders that taper to a slim waist and narrow hips is often considered the ideal body shape. Many women, however, consider having shoulders that are disproportionately wider than the hips a figure flaw. Still, both men and women may feel that their shoulders are too broad for their bodies. When dressing, people who have broad shoulders should choose clothes that de-emphasize their shoulders, perhaps drawing attention to other more attractive parts of their body.

Having a narrow waist tends to emphasize your broad shoulders, making your disproportionate width more noticeable. You should avoid wearing clothes that show the narrowness of the waist, such as dresses with tight belts. One way to de-emphasize a narrow waist is to wear low-hip pants and skirts.

People with broad shoulders should avoid wearing clothing that draws attention to the shoulder area. Wearing clothing with shoulder pads will make your shoulders look even bigger and wider. Shirts with any kind of detail or embellishment in the shoulder area will draw attention to this area. Also, someone who has narrow shoulders might benefit from wearing a shirt with horizontal stripes. On someone who has broad shoulders and a wide upper body, however, this shirt will create the visual illusion that the shoulders and upper body are even wider than they actually are.

One way to de-emphasize broad shoulders is to wear clothes that draw attention to other more attractive parts of the body. For example, a woman who thinks her shoulders are too broad might dress to show off her legs. A man who thinks his shoulders are too broad may dress to show off his well-toned abs.

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People often hear that the best way to de-emphasize the lower body and make the hips look slimmer is to wear something dark on the bottom and something light on the top. For people who have a wide upper body, the same theory works in reverse. Wearing dark shirts or blouses helps to make your shoulders less broad, and wearing lighter skirts or pants helps shift attention from your upper body to your lower body.

Wide necklines will make your shoulders wider. For example, people with broad shoulders should stay away from clothes with a boat neckline. On the other hand, a narrow round neckline or a deep V-neckline will draw the eye in and away from your shoulders.

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