What are the benefits of paraffin for feet?

Paraffin for feet can help relieve arthritic feet.

Paraffin is a wax-like hydrocarbon used in a variety of applications, including the manufacture of candles, as sealants for bottles, as a coating for candy, and even for the manufacture of rocket fuel. The benefits of paraffin for feet are mainly for healing calluses and blisters, as well as opening pores and deeply moisturizing the skin. Heated wax can also relieve joint pain and promote blood circulation in the feet. Treatment can also help people who suffer from arthritis.

Paraffin can help treat blisters on your feet.

To experience the benefits of paraffin for your feet, the wax is first melted and then typically placed in a plastic bag. The foot is then placed inside the bag with the open end clamped tightly around the ankle, and the paraffin solution is then quickly rubbed over the foot and ankle. Be careful not to allow any part of the foot to remain in the solution for too long. Once the foot has been fully covered with the melted paraffin, the plastic bag is removed and the wax can cool and harden. The foot is typically wrapped in a towel at this point so the wax doesn’t harden too quickly and also to retain heat.

Inappropriate shoes can cause blisters on the feet.

The retained heat serves to relieve any pain or aches that may be present in the foot. The treatment is gentle enough to be applied daily to people suffering from chronic pain, but for those simply looking for smoother skin, once or twice a week applications should suffice. Paraffin wax is non-toxic if applied topically and usually has no traces of odor after treatment. Sometimes essential oils can be added to the wax to get the scent you want. When visiting a spa for a treatment, it is recommended to check that the wax is fresh, as bacteria can still grow in the solution.

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Fibromyalgia symptoms can include pain over a wide area of ​​the musculoskeletal system.

Some of the other benefits of paraffin for feet may include reducing the effects of muscle spasms and tendinitis, which occurs when there is inflammation of the tendon. Paraffin treatment can include other areas of the body, and fibromyalgia is another condition that can help. Fibromyalgia symptoms can include pain over a wide area of ​​the musculoskeletal system. Doctors aren’t sure what the cause of this condition is, but some believe it could be linked to chemical imbalances and possibly stress or previous illness. Paraffin for foot treatments may be a way to start relieving some of the potentially debilitating effects of some of these conditions.

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