What are statutes?

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Every organization has articles of association whether they realize it or not. They are simply the basic internal rules of operation for a business or non-profit organization that govern what tasks need to be done, what positions are needed to perform the required functions, and how the processes in place are to be performed.

Often, statutes address operational issues such as the convening of general meetings and the process of appointing and selecting directors and managers within the organizational structure. These rules also address how the company goes about issuing shares of stock, paying dividends to investors, and how and when audits of financial records will be conducted.

One of the strengths of the social contract is that the focus is on content rather than form. They can include organizational charts, escalation procedures for handling the process of hiring senior executives, process charts showing the orderly process of providing goods and services, and a simple flowchart for basic accounting procedures such as accounts payable and receivable. . There is typically a great deal of flexibility in how the information contained in these rules can be structured. However, it is important to remember that in order to register the company to do business in one or more countries, there must be a formal articles of association in place, and they must address at least the minimum issues required by the laws governing the country.

One of the easiest ways to prepare the articles of association is to simply think in terms of the day-to-day operations of the company and define what should happen and what roles are responsible for keeping the process going. Using this information as a baseline, it’s easy to think in terms of what process needs to be in place to provide proper communication to the company’s investors and how to go about replacing senior executives and managers in the event of a mandatory change. What will usually emerge is a somewhat detailed document, but also a commonsense presentation of the company’s business purpose.

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Non-profit organizations can also benefit from bylaw preparation. Many countries around the world require non-profits to provide these items before registering to operate in the country. This is true even in the case of non-profit organizations such as religious organizations. In practice, writing these guidelines simply makes sense, as the documents help ensure the efficient functioning of nonprofit organizations, making it easier for the organization to accomplish more with available resources.

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