What are Sourdough Pancakes?

A skillet, which is used to make sourdough pancakes.

Sourdough pancakes are a type of pancakes made with sourdough instead of traditional pancake batter. Originating in San Francisco, yeast is a specific type of bread dough that uses wild yeast. The yeast dough adds a slightly tart flavor to the traditional pancake flavor. Sourdough pancakes are usually homemade and use many of the same ingredients that traditional pancake batter uses, with the addition of a sourdough starter.

Some people like to add whipped cream on top of pancakes.

Like most pancake batter, pancake batter uses flour, baking soda, eggs, and water. Milk, vanilla extract and butter can also be included in the dough. In addition to these ingredients, sourdough pancakes should include a sourdough starter. Entrees can be purchased in stores, but are most often made at home. Many starter recipes do not produce authentic sourdough because they use general active yeast rather than the specific wild yeast needed for the authentic version, but they still create a reasonable substitute.

Pancakes with sour yeast have the yeast starter added to the batter.

The starter is made by combining dry yeast and sugar with warm water and allowing the mixture to bubble. Then the flour is added to the mixture. The starter is covered and placed in a warm area for about three to 24 hours before it can be used. More flour and water can be added to the leftover starter, which will last for years when refrigerated.

Fruit can be added to sourdough pancakes, in the batter itself or as a topping.

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Once the starter is ready, the dough can be made. Some recipes suggest simply mixing all the ingredients together, but others recommend mixing the dry and wet ingredients separately first and then combining them. After the dough is well mixed, it should have a consistency similar to heavy cream. Then small portions can be placed in a nonstick skillet or skillet to cook. Vegetable oil can be used to coat the skillet if it is not non-stick.

Yeast pancakes should be flipped once during baking to ensure both sides are a light golden brown. Like traditional pancakes, this version is typically made in batches with only one or two pancakes cooked at a time, depending on the size of the pan. Finished pancakes should be kept warm while the others cook.

Fruit can be added to sourdough pancakes, in the batter itself or as a topping. While fresh fruit is usually added to the dough itself, toppings can be fresh or in a jar. Blueberries, in particular, are a popular fruit addition. These pancakes can also be served with butter, syrup or whipped cream. In addition to pancakes, waffles can be made with this fermented dough.

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