What are some ways to deal with noisy neighbors?

Installing a water feature in your backyard can be a good way to mask the sounds produced by noisy neighbors.

Noisy neighbors are a common problem in a society where many people live together. Of course, this issue can be more significant when you share walls or a floor/ceiling with a neighbor in an apartment, duplex, or condo. But even in detached homes, a noisy neighbor can make life a challenge, particularly if the noise continues late into the night or occurs during the early hours of the morning. This situation is tricky to deal with, requiring you to remain calm, especially when discussing noise with a neighbor.

Noisy neighbors are a common problem for those who live in a duplex.

The reason suggests that you should first try to approach noisy neighbors about the noise. This conversation should be polite, even friendly. It might start with a statement like, “I’m not sure you’re aware,” so the noise is only attributed to the person’s inability to recognize that the noise they make penetrates their walls. Briefly explain the noise problem and ask the neighbor to turn down the music, create situations for the dog to stop barking or not to pet until 3 am. You might also add that you realize that they hear your noise too, and you are certainly willing to try to stop anything in their behavior that is creating extra noise in your home.

Barking dogs is a common complaint and can violate ordinances.

You should be aware that not all neighbors will respond to your request and some may respond in a hostile manner. If noisy neighbors do not change their behavior, the next step should be to write a letter (keep a copy) detailing the noise. There is an exception to this. If noisy neighbors respond in such a hostile manner that you fear for their safety, the next step when there is noise should be to call the police. However, when a neighbor just doesn’t comply with your request, you can use the follow-up letter.

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Simply trying to ignore noisy neighbors can be difficult to do.

The letter should state the specific complaints and the dates when the noise was particularly bothersome. For example, if your neighbor has noisy meetings every Friday night that last until early morning, look up the dates when the meetings take place. Also, you should check your city’s laws regarding acceptable noise levels. Many cities allow a certain amount of party noise, or people playing their tunes until around 10pm.

The police can respond to noise complaints.

If you live in an apartment or are part of a homeowners association (HOA), you should also check the noise policies. Your HOA or apartment complex may have specific quiet time rules. With your letter to noisy neighbors, include copies of city noise laws, HOA rules, or apartment complex rules. Politely ask the neighbor to comply with these ordinances and state that you will need to report ongoing violations to complex management, HOA, or local law enforcement if necessary.

When the noise continues, you should definitely report it to your local authorities. Start with the owners or HOAs and continue with calls to the police department when absolutely necessary. You can hire other neighbors who might also be annoyed by the same noisy neighbors. Overall, your goal is to establish a pattern of behavior if you need to sue neighbors for nuisance behavior. Often, though, the problem is solved when the noisy neighbors know you’re going to call the police.

Be aware that you can’t always ask noisy neighbors to be quiet. Some people have a lower tolerance for noise, and what you define as noisy neighbors may not constitute bothersome behavior. Carefully read the specific apartment, HOA rules, or city laws to see if your neighbor’s noise is actually breaking the rules.

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In addition, it is advisable not to react to the noise in an angry or retaliatory manner. If you followed the steps and the lyrics, don’t start messing with things in your house or turning up the music to annoy the neighbor. Just report the behavior to the relevant authorities. To respond otherwise is to weaken your case, in case you need to take the matter to a small court.

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