What are some good fundraising ideas? (with photos)

Selling chocolates can be a good fundraiser.

Fundraising can be a fun experience rather than a stressful event. All you need to do is prepare in advance and choose the right fundraising idea to match the style and goals of the people involved. Typical fundraising ideas usually involve taking orders for a specific product and then delivering the product, or selling a certain item on time. Bakery products, packaged cookies and cookie dough are some of the traditional examples, but there is no need to stop there. If the fundraising group includes some good cooks, consider offering home-cooked meals, pizzerias, frozen food, or homemade sweets. You can even raffle off cooking classes or set up a drinks booth at school or church.

A gift basket for a fundraiser.

In addition to food, other great fundraising ideas include raffles and auctions. This can take the form of live auctions or silent auctions, where people submit their bids in sealed envelopes. If you collect prize donations, you can organize a sealed envelope sale, where the names of the prizes are written on small pieces of paper and sealed in envelopes that are sold. Whatever is written inside is what the person receives. This is a very popular fundraising idea as everyone gets something. When it comes to raffles, the options are endless. Prizes can range from a handmade quilt to a spa gift card. The key to a successful sweepstakes is getting the prizes through donations rather than buying them.

Some groups sell frozen pizzas to raise money.

To turn a fundraising effort into a successful event, always look to your customers for ideas. For example, if your goal is families, you could sell Child Identification Programs, where parents can have the chance to register their children, get a special identification and set of teeth marks. If you’re targeting young singles, go chocolate or discount at local restaurants or fitness centers. If you’re in a hurry and need quick and easy fundraising ideas, you can always organize a garage sale, book fair, or car wash show. None of these ideas require a lot of planning, and all of them can end up generating a lot of profit.

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