What are some different types of upholstery tools?

Upholstery tools include heavy-duty staple guns.

When completing an upholstery project, having the correct tools on hand is essential. A basic upholstery tool kit should include the following: hammer, curved needles, straight needles, fabric stretcher, tack puller, upholstery tacks, and scissors. Some other useful tools are a regulator, marking chalk and foam cutter.

A hammer is one of the most common upholstery tools and is usually made of brass. One end of the head is magnetic for placing studs. The other end is geared towards hammering in these tacks.

DIY upholstery project tools can include a good pair of scissors.

Curved upholstery needles come in a variety of weights and sizes. They are used to hand sew decks, seating, exteriors, pillows, cushions, and more. It is also necessary to have straight needles on hand for precision sewing where a curved needle would not work properly.

A web stretcher tightens, stretches and clamps the web to prepare it to be clamped into place. It is one of the upholstery tools that has a sister tool called the gooseneck web stretcher. This type of stretcher works closer to the frame and allows for greater efficiency in pulling fabrics.

Good sturdy scissors are a crucial tool in upholstery work.

A stud puller, or staple lifter, is similar to a screwdriver with a claw foot. It has the correct angle on the foot to remove staples without damaging the surface below. They can also be used in tacks, but they are not intended to be used to pull nails.

Upholstery tacks are small nail-shaped tacks with large heads, sometimes decorative. Some are simple and made for temporarily strapping or setting up work. Others are more resistant and decorative and are intended to be used for final bonding.

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Good scissors are another essential upholstery tool. They must be tough to handle thick fabrics like denim and corduroy, and they need to be kept sharp. They come in right or left handed versions.

A regulator is used to push stuffing into small places like corners and curves. He tucks in large fabrics like tweed to fit the stuffing from the outside in. They usually also have an eye to help thread thread.

Marking chalk is the same as tailors use. Writes on fabric without leaving permanent color. It is useful in measuring fabrics for any project, but especially for those that have unusual shapes.

A foam cutter is one of the most expensive upholstery tools available. It is a hand held power saw used to cut large pieces of foam used in seats, pillows and other padded surfaces. Consumers generally don’t buy a large item like this for a single use, but they come in handy for those trying multiple projects.

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