What are some different types of popcorn makers?

Salt, which is often used to cover popcorn.

Popcorn is a simple and tasty snack that many people enjoy. In fact, popped corn as a treat has been around for centuries. With the prevalence of microwave popcorn bags, many people have forgotten that there are other ways to make popcorn at home. Here are some examples of popcorn makers you can buy to use at home.

Popcorn can be made on the stove, in the microwave or with an air popper.

One of the basic ways to pop popcorn is to use a deep pot with a lid and strong handle. Often these popcorn trays are made of cast iron or stainless steel. Putting fresh popcorn and a little oil in the frying pan, it is possible to cover, place the frying pan on the bottom of the stove and lightly shake the contents using the handle. As the oil starts to heat up, the corn starts to pop. The constant stirring motion helps prevent the popped corn from burning and sticking to the bottom of the pan.

Air popcorn makers have made it unnecessary to use oil as a means of heating kernels.

An old-fashioned popcorn maker, created to be used over an open fire, is still available today. As with the stovetop model, popcorn makers of this type also have a body made of cast iron or stainless steel. The handle is longer and usually a combination of metal and wood. The long handle allows you to fill popcorn and hold it over a campfire or fireplace without getting too close to the flames.

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Microwave ovens are so popular for cooking popcorn that many ovens have pre-set temperature controls for popcorn.

Hot oil popcorn makers were the most popular devices for popping corn before the invention of microwave popcorn. Powered by electric current, the base of the popper is a simple shallow bowl treated with a non-stick surface. Oil and popcorn are placed in the bowl and a plastic dome is placed over the corn. As the oil heats up, the corn crackles and is contained by the dome. When the corn is popped, the dome doubles as a serving bowl. Popcorn makers of this type often have a vent at the base of the dome that allows the butter to melt into the corn as it explodes.

A healthier method of popping corn is the hot air popcorn machine. Air popcorn makers have made it unnecessary to use oil as a means to heat the kernels and make the corn pop. Instead, a steady stream of hot air raises the temperature of the beans and gently pops the corn. Most types of popper use a design that allows the popped corn to flow out of the popper and into a bowl.

While microwave popcorn is often the popcorn of choice today, you can still buy it from more traditional popcorn makers. While many retail stores no longer have these older poppers, it is possible to buy popcorn makers of all types by shopping online. Bags of loose popcorn, as well as jars of oiled popcorn, can still be purchased at many supermarkets.

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