What are some different types of livestock?

Draft cattle are bread for work pulling plows and other agricultural equipment.

When most people think of cows, a big, lovable black and white animal probably comes to mind, but there are actually a huge number of types of cattle, with nearly a thousand breeds of cattle being bred around the world for a variety of purposes. purposes . That black and white cattle you’re thinking of, by the way, are Holstein dairy cattle, one of the most widely bred dairy cattle breeds in the world. Cows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, for all kinds of purposes, and many people are working to preserve rare cattle breeds, along with the centuries of agricultural heritage they represent.

Dairy cattle.

Two main subspecies of cattle are domesticated: Bos taurus taurus, or taurine cattle, and Bos taurus indicus, or zebus. Taurus cattle are adapted to the colder climates of the northern hemisphere, while zebu are better suited to hot, dry climates such as those found in Africa. This has actually caused problems with some well-intentioned aid organizations, who have exported bull cattle to Africa to help people with famine conditions, only to discover that these cattle are not suitable for the environment, requiring far more resources than the zebus and ultimately proving to be more trouble than they’re worth.

Dairy cattle are raised for their quality milk.

Types of livestock are usually divided by purpose. Beef cattle, as you can imagine, are bred to produce large amounts of high quality meat, while dairy cattle have been bred to provide abundant milk with a high butterfat content. Draft cattle are bred to work, pulling plows, carts and other agricultural equipment. Multipurpose cattle can perform two or three of these tasks, depending on the breed.

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A cow.

Some well known examples of beef cows include: Angus, Limousin, Longhorn, North Devon, Wagyu and Hereford. Popular dairy breeds other than Holstein include Brown Swiss, Jersey, Ayrshire and Shorthorn Milking Cattle. All of these types of cattle tend to be lighter than beef cattle, and many of them are also smaller. Sweaters in particular are known for their milk and gentle temperaments.

An Ayrshire cow.

Belgian Blues, Charolais, Lourdais, Welsh Blacks and Red Polls are examples of mixed-use cattle. It is also possible to find cattle created specifically for the practice of sports, such as cattle used in bullfights and bullfights. Several breeders have also developed zebu/taurine hybrids, taking advantage of the best traits of both subspecies to create especially strong and flexible types of cattle.

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