What are some chicken breeds?

Brown and white chicken eggs.

Most consumers are not aware that chickens come in a wide variety of breeds, from the exotic Frizzled Cochin to the more mundane Rhode Island Red. Chicken breeds come in an amazing variety of sizes, colors and shapes, with some species producing large amounts of eggs while others are bred for ornamental or meat production purposes. Most chicken breeds are readily available through specialty suppliers and are a fun way to liven up the pen and home, with some breeds making great pets.

A chicken and an egg.

Among the more exotic chicken breeds is the Araucana, a hen that produces eggs that range in color from light green to blue. Araucanas have tufts of feathers over their ears and a long, slender body, making them a medium-sized breed of bird. Another exotic race is the Phoenix. Phoenix roosters have long, flowing tails that can reach up to a meter in length, while hens have a soft golden coat. The Phoenix is ​​a Chinese breed, and they have been highly prized in recreational gardens for centuries.

One of the smallest breeds of chicken is the Bantam, with most birds able to nestle in the palm of your hand. Small roosters typically have very straight, flowing tails and an arrogant stand that belies their size. The hens are small and slender, often laying delicate, light white eggs. Bantams are also very docile and make ideal pets as well as companions.

Among the more peculiar looking chicken breeds are the Cochins, which include the Frizzled Cochin, which looks like it has been through a wind tunnel. Other unusual breeds of chickens include the feather-footed breeds, which have tufts of feathers that resemble booties on their feet. Most breeds with feathered feet are also very fluffy, with multiple layers of fluffy feathers on their bodies.

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Many breeds of chickens also have exotic and decorative crests, including Poles, houdans, sultans and crevecouers. These chicken breeds must be monitored carefully to ensure that other birds are not bothering them, as some chickens cannot resist the target of a large fluffy comb. If not separated in time, other hens will peck at bald crested breeds.

For meat, flavorful chicken breeds like the Cornish are ideal, with a large, firm breast. For eggs, chicken breeds such as Rhode Island Red, Orpington, Menorcas, Hamburgs and Leghorns are excellent choices.

A flock of chickens can bring light, color, character and fun to a barnyard, while some breeds of chickens can become beloved members of the family. Many people are unaware of the wide variety of chicken breeds, which produce eggs and meat and at the same time are fun to have around.

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