What are sheet metal scissors?

Sheet metal scissors are used to cut sheet metal.

Sheet metal scissors are a type of tool used to cut sheets of metal, including aluminum, steel, bronze, brass, and copper. Despite the name, sheet metal scissors are also a popular device for cutting or shaping plastic sheets. Unlike traditional blades or cutting devices, sheet metal scissors have relatively square edges. Regular sharp-edged blades are usually not strong enough to cut sheet metal, so the shears have square-edged blades for strength and durability.

There are many different types of shears available for shearing sheet metal, from small hand held units to large floor mounted models. Manual Sheet Metal Shears can be pneumatic or electric to provide additional strength and power for cutting thicker or stronger metals. Other manually operated units resemble large paper cutters and use a guillotine-type blade to cut thin sheets of metal. Small sets of manual tin cutters are also sometimes used for simple sheet metal cutting jobs.

For larger projects, floor or bench mounted units are available. They can be operated by foot pedal or control panel, and can be electric or pneumatic. Most large floor mounted sheet metal shears feature a programmable cutting mechanism, which can use a blade or laser to cut the metal. Lasers use heat to melt the metal, resulting in clean, even cuts. Operators activate the machine through a computerized panel, which allows for precise cutting and shaping.

Sheet metal scissors can be throat or throatless. A throat scissors can only accommodate a specific range of sizes, while throatless units can accommodate items of any size. The difference between these two models is in the design of the machine and also in the way the metal passes through the cutting mechanism. Some units are designed to cut straight lines only, while others can make angled or curved cuts. Most types of scissors are rated for a specific metal thickness or gauge, and only the strongest and most durable units can be used for heavy-duty projects.

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These tools are used in a wide variety of industries, both in factories and in the field. They can be used to cut automotive and aeronautical parts, building materials or components used in manufacturing and industry. Many builders use some type of sheet metal shears in the field to cut metal roof panels, cladding, or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts. Sheet metal scissors can also be used to punch, mark, or forge a series of holes or patterns in sheet metal, rather than cutting through it.

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