What are rockeries? (with photos)

According to the literature written about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, it appears that they were built on a series of terraces on the banks of the Euphrates River, approximately 50 miles from present-day Baghdad, Iraq.

Ornamental gardens are specially designed areas with plants designed for the purpose of aesthetic pleasure and not for the production of crops. Landscaping plans often integrate ornamental plants into their designs, and many cities have civic gardens for residents’ enjoyment. Some botanical gardens also include ornamental sections that display impressive and interesting plants, as opposed to preserving botanical specimens, which is their primary purpose.

Many people think of French gardens when they hear the words “formal garden”, the gardens of Versailles being a notable example.

The practice of planting rockeries appears to be ancient. Humans have long been fond of art and beautiful things, and once the fundamentals of agriculture were mastered, landscaping was not far behind. In fact, these gardens were even included in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, in the form of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which were supposedly designed for the pleasure of a ruler’s wife.

Stones can add a decorative separation between a person’s yard and a rockery.

Ornamental gardens often surround public buildings to make them more visually interesting. Churches, galleries and other buildings dedicated to contemplation are also commonly surrounded by gardens that are used by their members. Some religions even expressly include devotional activities that must be performed in a garden. Others are used to decorate private homes.

Ornamental gardens can be placed on the roof of a building to decorate an urban area.

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The layout of a rockery can be incredibly varied, depending on the climate, the plants involved, and the nature of the surrounding architecture. Those in places like Versailles, for example, are extremely formal and elegant, with an intricate layout of beds and paths that are often best seen from a distance. In contrast, the rockery that surrounds a small cabin can be done in a more casual style.

In addition to being nice to look at, rockeries are also nice to use. Many include leisure areas for playing sports, walking or simply sitting and enjoying the garden, and some have space for music and theater performances. Events such as weddings and cocktails can also be held in an ornamental garden, with the surroundings contributing to the decoration of the event.

Although rockeries are sometimes thought of as frivolities with no practical application, they actually have a function beyond appearance. Plants can help regulate temperature, maintaining a more temperate and comfortable climate while acting as air purifiers, removing pollution and keeping the air fresh and clean. A rockery can also provide habitat for birds, butterflies and other creatures.

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