What are proposal forms?

An equipment request proposal form is often used in centralized companies.

There are three types of proposal forms used in standard business operations: purchases, projects, and sales. All of these forms perform the same basic function, providing users with a structured method of gathering the information they need to make decisions. The actual design of proposal forms varies based on the actual business process followed in each organization. Many landline companies provide form templates that can be a great place to start discussions within the company or organization.

A purchase proposal form is often used in large organizations to track purchase requests that exceed a specific dollar amount or are part of a specific type of merchandise. There are two subtypes of procurement proposal forms: tendered projects and equipment requests. Detailed project specifications are included in the request for proposal. In many companies, bid forms are used to provide the same structure for all bidding projects. This is very important as any information provided to one party and not the other provides an unfair advantage.

An equipment request proposal form is often used in centralized companies. The equipment user or department supervisor fills in the form and sends it to the purchasing department. In the form, the user would provide their contact information, the detailed specification of the requested item, the business logic and the budget. Most proposal forms have signature boxes to ensure that all requests are properly reviewed and approved prior to submission for purchase.

Many engineering or information technology companies have a centralized project management office. A project proposal form is used to manage user requests, provide structure for data collection, and ensure that all user requests have followed the same approval workflow. All projects must have a sponsor, impacted department or business process. Project proposal forms include documentation of the business challenge and the desired end result of the project. Whenever possible, the team is expected to provide a project cost estimate, timeline, and savings in efficiency or hard cash.

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Sales proposal forms are used by the business-to-business sales team during the bidding process. Included in a sales proposal form are the product description, cost, installation or service costs, and delivery schedule. The details provided in the sales proposal form the basis of the customer’s assessment. All relevant information must be included so that the customer can compare the details of the sales offer with the other offers they have received.

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