What are potato skins?

Various types of potatoes still with the skin on.

Potato skin consists of baked potatoes with most of the white part of the potato removed, leaving a small portion of the inside of the potato and the skin. Most people stuff the shells with toppings like cheese, bacon, onion, chives, and sour cream. These toppings are among the most common, but a person can fill the shells with almost any food they want. Cheese is almost always included, however, and cheddar is a common choice. Potato skins are commonly eaten as an appetizer, but some people consume them as a side dish or even as a main dish.

Potato skins are often topped with cooked, crumbled bacon.

Mashed and baked potatoes are a staple for some people, and many people enjoy French fries and diced potatoes as well. Potato skins represent another way for a person to appreciate this plant. When a person consumes potato skins, however, they are not eating as much of the white part of the plant as people eat when they eat mashed or even baked potatoes. Instead, most of the white part is removed, leaving mostly the skin and coverings that the person chooses to add.

The potato skin is the most nutritious part of the potato.

Potato skins start out as baked potatoes. To prepare them, one person boils the potatoes and then cuts them in half so that each potato provides two oval pieces to work with. At this point, the cook usually removes most of the white, rubs the skin with oil, and sprinkles it with salt. He then returns the potatoes to the oven and allows them to cook a little longer until the rest inside the potato is crispy. Some people put potato skins on the grill or even fry them to make them crispy instead of roasting them again.

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Potato skins can be covered with cold toppings, such as a dollop of sour cream.

Once the potato skins are crispy, the cook usually takes them out of the oven and adds toppings like cheese, bacon, and onions. He then places the rinds on the grill or in the oven for a few minutes to allow the cheese to melt. Cold toppings such as sour cream are usually added to potato skins just before serving. Along with typical toppings such as sour cream, bacon and cheese, a person may choose to add other toppings such as diced ham, tomato or peppers.

A person can serve potatoes prepared in this way for a wide variety of occasions or as part of a daily meal. They are commonly eaten as appetizers, but some people serve them as a complement to a main course. Other people, however, make them the main course for a lunch or dinner, especially when they’re loaded with extra toppings.

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