What are micro braids?

Cornrows have become a popular micro braid style for both men and women.

Micro braids are a unique hairstyle consisting of dozens or hundreds of unique little braids. Particularly popular in the African American community, this elegant look has become a fashion icon in modern society. When placed correctly, micro braided hairstyles can be kept for several months with proper care.

Braided hairstyles similar to micro braids are popular throughout West Africa. In Western society, style has become a dominant look for both men and women. As creating the style is a long and laborious process that can be maintained for several months, the style is still relatively rare, but it is recognized by many fashion experts as a remarkable look.

Most of the time, braids are placed in the hair by a professional hairdresser who is experienced with the styling needs. Hair usually goes through a deep conditioning process before being braided to prevent damage. As styling is very demanding on hair, people with brittle hair or sensitive scalps may want to avoid micro braids. Depending on the length of your hair and the braiding method used, a professional braiding session can take up to 12 hours. For those with thin or very short hair, synthetic pieces can be added to create a fuller look with more braids.

Micro braids can be used in many styles once the initial braid is done. Like normal hair, it can be pulled back into a ponytail, bun or any half-up style. It can also be used to create large braids or French braids. Some micro braids can even be curled with rollers or a curling iron, although care needs to be taken as this can cause additional damage or breakage.

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Hairstyle maintenance begins before the braids are put on, usually with a deep conditioning or salon hot oil treatment. As common shampoos and conditioners can leave residue in the braids, it is recommended that cleaning be done with a dry or watery shampoo. As the braids start at the scalp, leaving it partially exposed, care should be taken to moisturize the scalp while you micro-braid. You can also apply sunscreen to your scalp to prevent skin damage or burns.

Micro braids are often outfitted with a variety of hair ornaments. Beads can be woven into the strands during braiding, creating a vibrant, multicolored look. Hair accessories can also be attached to the bottom of each strand, such as clips, beads and jewelry. This can add variety to your hairstyle color and take you from casual hair to a sleek, dressy look in a snap.

If you’re trying to get a whole new look to last a few months, consider talking to a professional about micro braids. They will be able to tell if your hair is able to withstand the process without damage and can guide you in the direction of a similar, easier style if the braids damage your hair. The braid will give you a gorgeous and striking look, it is sure to draw attention and draw attention in every corner.

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