What are Liberty Spikes?

Liberty spikes are inspired by the Statue of Liberty.

Liberty spikes are a hairstyle commonly associated with the punk fashion style. The hair is usually laid out in long, thick ends pointing upwards from the scalp. These spikes can be formed in a number of different ways, all over the head or in straight lines similar to a mohawk. The spikes of liberty name comes from the Statue of Liberty, which features a spiked crown on the statue’s head.

Some people use white glue to form freedom spikes.

One reason freedom ends are so popular with certain people is the fact that the wearer must have long enough hair to form the ends. Also, the Statue of Liberty hairstyle cannot be performed with traditional hair care products. Using hairspray, mousse, or gel usually doesn’t last long, resulting in the ends falling apart. To combat this, many people have developed tricks for freedom spikes. Some of the more egregious examples of weird products include white glue, egg whites, gelatin, and shaving cream.

The hair styling process is relatively simple, but sometimes people may need help, especially when the hair is quite long. Hair can be clean or dirty, since a lot of hair care products must be used anyway. First, the hair should be combed or shaken to give it more support and thicken the necessary areas. The hair is then pulled from the base of the scalp to the tips and presented with the hair product of choice, sometimes with the subject lying on their side. Twisting the ends will help keep the post in shape for a longer period of time.

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It is not uncommon for freedom spikes to be colored in some way. Often, people with the hairstyle dye their hair an unnatural color such as fluorescent blue or pink, although black is also common. An interesting pattern can easily be created by dyeing the individual tips different colors. Additional patterns can also be placed on the scalp, in the form of tattoos or stains from dyed areas.

The origins of the Liberty Peaks hairstyle mainly stems from the London punk rock scene of the 1970s and early 1980s. Many bands and fans of the musical form adopted the hairstyle, most notably the industrial and gothic subsections of the culture, commonly referred to as “River Heads”. The exact person or persons responsible for the style and name are unknown, however.

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