What are Hospital Corners? (with photos)

If hospital corners are correctly made into sharp folds, blankets and other bedding will not open during the night of twists.

Anyone who has ever been in the military certainly knows the corners of hospitals. This bedding technique involves attaching bedding in tight, sharp folds at the foot of the bed so that it stays in place. If hospital corners are done correctly, even the blankets won’t come undone during a night of the worst twists and turns.

Many military organizations train their recruits to make perfect turns in hospitals as part of their initial disciplinary training. Focusing attention on the smallest details and learning to follow the rules without question makes a good soldier. Hospital corners at both ends of the bed can hold a flat sheet in place if a fitted sheet is not available. Most modern flat sheets, however, aren’t big enough to tuck both ends under the mattress. Almost all bedding sets available on the market contain a fitted sheet.

A well-made bed can help the sick patient feel more comfortable.

To make a bed with hospital corners, first place the appropriate sheet on the bed. The sheet is then over it, and the edge is pulled up to the height of the head of the mattress, where the pillows will go. Any wrinkles that appear are then eliminated.

If you want blankets, they will be added at this point. The blankets are pulled to the top edge of the sheet and the sides are also made to hang evenly. If the bed is against a wall, it can be pulled slightly off the wall to make it easier to reach behind it.

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The sheet and blankets are placed under the mattress, at the foot of the bed, to the sides. They shouldn’t be bunched up underneath, or they won’t stay in place very well. The sides should still be loose.

Then the side piece near the foot of the bed is compressed and pulled up. There should be an angled fold pointing towards the center of the bed. This is the first part of the hospital corner.

The fold is then smoothed out and the hanging part of this piece is placed under the mattress. The back of the hand goes well to the side of the mattress and the sheets are pulled down over the hand. This creates another angled fold, like an envelope.

The rest of the bedding is then tucked under the mattress to the headboard for a sleek look. Blankets are smoothed and pillows are placed. The bed is then ready for inspection by even the toughest sergeant or cleaning chief.

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