What are Florida Rooms? (with photos)

A basket made with the wicker process.

Florida rooms are spaces added as a bedroom or an annex to a home. Sometimes referred to as a sun room or conservatory, the Florida room features a structure made up of laminated glass panels or various window frames and frames. The structure of the room allows a large amount of natural light to enter the space, making it an ideal place for indoor plants, as well as creating a warm and inviting space to read or relax.

Florida rooms are solariums with tall glass panels.

The general concept of a room that lets in lots of natural light into the space is not uncommon. Although the space goes by many different names around the world, it’s rare to find a country that doesn’t have some architectural variation on this simple theme. In addition to being known as a sunroom or conservatory, Florida rooms are sometimes referred to as sunrooms or patio rooms. The actual Florida bedroom definition and nickname is most commonly employed in the southern region of the United States.

A sun room may feature carpet.

When asked to define what a room in Florida is, most people immediately think of a space that features at least one wall composed of slab of glass or a series of panes placed in a frame. The presence of so many transparent windows makes it possible to enjoy the view of the outside world while protecting yourself from wind, rain, heat or other adverse weather conditions. At the same time, the idea of ​​potted plants also comes to mind when thinking of Florida bedrooms, accompanied by comfortable wicker furniture and soft cushions for the seats and backs of chairs and loungers.

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Along with plenty of clear glass for one or more walls, it’s not uncommon for Florida rooms to also include a skylight. This allows even more natural light to enter the space, adding to the warm, cozy feel of the room. Many people find such a solarium to be the ideal way to enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight, even when the outside temperature is extremely cold and uninviting, thus helping to avoid the potential for turning blue during the winter months.

For the most part, Florida bedroom additions are typically added to existing structures by putting space at the back of the house. This allows for greater privacy from the street, while allowing you to enjoy the sun and keep the plants healthy. However, people sometimes choose to attach a Florida bedroom annex to the side of the house, especially if the view from that location is particularly impressive.

In order to keep Florida rooms warm and cozy even in winter, it is not uncommon to use double glazing in the building. Dual panels effectively create a situation where most of the cooler temperature is absorbed by the outer set of panels, while the inner set of panels tends to absorb more of the actual ambient temperature. This duplication of panels does not harm vision in any way and can make a huge difference when it comes to controlling the temperature within the space.

In recent years, creating curtain panels especially for Florida rooms has become commonplace across the world. Curtains are normally lined to provide additional protection from the outside weather and to allow the space to be closed off from the outside world when desired. Panels are typically lined and treated to resist fading due to constant exposure to sunlight.

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