What are expanding pockets?

One of the most common types of expandable pocket is a single section folder.

Expandable pockets can be found in a wide variety of file folders. They can be in a briefcase with one or several pockets. More elaborate styles may have cover flaps, labeling flaps, and additional pockets for discs or other media. The overall purpose of expanding pockets is for the file to have the option of extra space, but the ability to collapse when there is less paper to file. While pockets can be purchased for personal use, they are most popular in offices, where they are prized for their versatility.

One of the most common types of expandable pocket is a single section folder. It has a horizontal opening and the short sides of the folder are folded like the bellows of an accordion. For this reason, it is also often referred to as an accordion file. This type of paste typically comes in dark brown, although it can also be purchased in a variety of colors.

There are also expandable pockets that come with multiple sections. Many of these types of folders also have tabs so that each part can be identified. Tabs can be oriented horizontally or vertically, depending on the style of the folder. These pockets are commonly used to organize projects, invoices, suppliers and other active items that tend to be kept together.

While most expandable pockets have a horizontal opening, there are some vertical styles. They tend to expand less as they usually have fewer folds. Some have holes at the top so they can be placed in folders with clasps.

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Expandable pockets are often constructed with more durable materials than standard manila file folders. Because they are a versatile product, they are made to last longer. Pockets are usually made of reinforced cardboard or heavy plastic and have reinforced corners. There are also some types with hooks for long-term use in filing cabinets.

The more elaborate expandable pockets look like file boxes or folders. They are typically made of sturdy materials and often have multiple pockets, often made of reinforced plastic or cardboard. These files also often have flaps, a flap to cover the top, and a durable plastic handle for carrying.

Expandable pockets can be purchased individually or in boxes of approximately ten folders. They are most commonly found in office supply and large general supply stores. A wide variety of pockets can also be purchased from online suppliers.

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