What are drier balls? (with photos)

A woman pulling sheets out of a dryer.

Dryer balls are a unique product designed to make clothes soft and static free, in addition to making the laundry process more economical. They are relatively large rubber balls about three inches in diameter with rubber spikes on the surface. When placed in the dryer between wet clothes, the balls help to lift and separate clothes, reducing static and drying time, as well as making clothes soft and fluffy. Technically, they work by improving the circulation of heat and air through damp items.

Inside a clothes dryer.

Ideally, drying beads eliminate the need for drying sheets by doing the job naturally rather than chemically. Replacing drying sheets with drying balls will save you money as the balls are reusable. They are relatively inexpensive and should last at least two years before needing to be replaced. Compared to the average price of drying sheets, which must be purchased regularly, using drying balls can save people a lot of money.

Drier beads are supposed to reduce static electricity.

Using drying balls instead of chemically treated drying sheets can also be healthier for people and the environment as there is no risk of chemical residues being left on clothes and released into the air. The balls are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, a definite plus for people and babies with sensitive skin.

Drying balls are also economical because they reduce drying time by up to 40%. As a result, electricity bills and energy consumption will go down. A reduced drying time is also much more convenient for those with a busy lifestyle.

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Many laundries have public bulletin boards.

While they are better for the environment and your wallet, drying balls do have a downside. Because of their size and weight, when placed in a working dryer, they are noisy. This can be a problem for people who have a dryer at home near their living room. For those who dry their clothes in a laundry room or have a separate laundry area at home, the benefits will likely outweigh the potentially annoying noise.

The actual effectiveness of drier balls is disputed among users. Many people have found that they meet all their expectations, while others think that the static electricity has increased and the drying time remains the same. These discrepancies in terms of effectiveness can probably be explained by the quality and efficiency of the device in which they are used.

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