What are Deep-Fried Twinkies®?

Twinkies® were first placed in a deep fryer in 2001.

Deep-fried Twinkies® are blended Twinkies® that have been skewered and fried. While regular Twinkies® are soft cakes with creamy white fillings, deep-fried versions look like crispy beignets with pudding crumbs. These snacks are often served with powdered sugar or berry sauce and are increasingly common at state and city fairs across the United States. Brooklyn restaurateur Christopher Sell is generally credited with inventing fried Twinkies® in 2001. These candies are very high in calories, calories from fat and sugars.

Although the Twinkie® was first sold in 1930, Christopher Sell is credited with accidentally creating the fried version in 2001 while experimenting with his restaurant’s industrial fryer. Sell, originally from England, owned a fish-and-chips restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. He was offering fried chocolate bars, a culinary tradition in the UK, and decided to try frying a Twinkie®. He was so pleased with the results that he started offering fried Twinkies® as well. After an article appeared in the New York Times in May 2002 about its discovery, the dessert spread across the country.

A basic fried Twinkie® is made by first dusting the snack cake with flour and then spearing it with a popsicle stick. Then the Twinkie® is dipped in a simple dough of flour and water and fried until golden and crispy. It takes about three or four minutes, depending on the temperature of the oil. Twinkie® often needs to be held under oil with a utensil because of its tendency to float. At Sell’s Restaurant, deep-fried Twinkies® are served with powdered sugar and a sour berry sauce.

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This snack is typically eaten like a hot dog, although it can also be served sliced ​​on a plate. A fried Twinkie® has a crispy outer shell. The frying process makes the spongy, golden snack cake acquire a buttery texture. The creamy vanilla filling melts into the surrounding cake.

Fried foods such as funnel cakes are a fair-fare staple. Visitors to state and city fairs across the United States are likely to receive fried Twinkies® from vendors there. The company that makes Twinkies®, Interstate Bakeries, promotes the fried version to vendors as a way to increase sales.

As is the case with many fried foods, fried Twinkies® are not particularly healthy. A fried snack cake contains approximately 361 calories, 252 of which are from fat. It’s also a significant source of carbohydrates, including 14 grams of sugar per fried cake.

Deep-fried desserts such as chocolate bars as well as other foods such as pizza are believed to have originated in fish and chip shops in Scotland and other parts of the UK. What probably started out as a novelty was popularized by the mass media. The resulting popularity of eating fried snacks and desserts has caused some concern about adverse effects on people’s health.

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