What are computer trends?

Computer trends are changes or evolutions in the ways in which computers are used that become generalized and integrated into popular thinking about these systems. These moves usually start with one or two companies adopting or promoting a new technology, which catches the attention of others and becomes popular. Both hardware and software can be part of computer trends such as the development and proliferation of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Changes in the Internet, the development of new websites and the expansion of cloud computing models are likely to be similar software trends at the beginning of the 21st century.

The rising popularity of smartphones represents a recent computer trend.

Just like changing fashions in clothing, trends in computers indicate the types of technology or concepts that are popular at any given time. This can happen in a number of ways, including a company introducing a new technology to the market and customers discovering that they can use certain products more effectively than others. As these changes take place, computer trends typically evolve and grow over time, so technology popular one year may be considered outdated the next. Identifying the next big trend and finding a way to get into it early can be substantially profitable for companies working in technology.

Steve Jobs of Apple Corporation was a major force behind the development of mobile computing.

Computer trends often involve hardware and the development or release of something new and innovative. The proliferation of smartphones throughout the first decade of the 21st century, for example, is a major hardware trend that has changed the way many people access information. Cell phones had already been established in the year 2000 as a major commodity and had gone beyond the niche that could be seen in the 1980s. The development of smartphones in the years that followed and their launch as affordable products established one of several major trends. in which portability has become a marketing factor for hardware developers.

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The development and proliferation of tablets is a current trend in computers.

Different types of software are often involved in computer trends as the applications people use tend to evolve and change over time. Although the Internet has been around since the late 20th century, the way it is used and how information can be presented continues to change. Developments in encoding and viewing the Internet continue to make its growth a major trend in the computer industry.

The combination of cloud computing and the proliferation of mobile devices is significantly changing the computing experience.

Computer software trends often involve the way information is accessed and shared. Systems such as cloud computing and similar methods for data storage and file sharing are likely to continue to grow and develop throughout the 21st century. New applications for communicating, sharing information with family members or business partners, and using all facets of innovative hardware will be popular for many years to come.

There are major portability trends in computers that hardware and software companies need to accommodate.

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