What are common shaving cream ingredients?

Shaving cream.

While most products are made primarily from water, there are a number of other shaving cream ingredients that are also included in varying amounts to cleanse and moisturize your skin and soften your hair for an easier shave. Stearic acid and triethanolamine are commonly included as they are both surfactants that help cleanse the skin. Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate and lanolin are often added as emulsifiers, which act to help the other ingredients blend and retain water in the skin. Skin softening and hydration is normally achieved by adding glycerin to the mixture. Other common shaving cream ingredients include cocamides, laureth 23, and lauryl sulfate, which can be substituted for other ingredients, as well as fragrances and propellants.

Shaving cream often contains emulsifiers.

Surfactants are important ingredients in shaving creams as they serve as soap in products. This is because the molecules of these substances are capable of attracting water and dirt or oil. Some of the most common ones used in shaving creams are stearic acid and triethanolamine. Triethanolamine also works to prevent the pH balance of the cream from being overly alkaline or acidic.

Shaving creams often contain glycerin, a type of emollient.

Another type of ingredient commonly included in shaving creams are emulsifiers. Some of the most commonly used emulsifiers are lanolin and polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate, although others, including lanolin derivatives, are sometimes substituted. These substances serve two purposes in a shaving cream. One is to help retain water in the skin, which is important for making shaving easier. They also serve to combine other ingredients, such as oil and water, that would normally separate from each other.

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Glycerin is commonly added to shaving creams to moisturize the skin.

Glycerin is also one of the common ingredients in shaving cream. It is an emollient, which means it softens, soothes and relaxes the skin, as well as acting as a moisturizer. The end result is that the area to be shaved is smooth and flexible after shaving.

Several other ingredients are also often included in shaving creams. Cocamides, laureth 23 and lauryl sulfate can be included or substituted for other ingredients as they all work to help cleanse the skin and make the cream foamy. Perfumes are often included to improve the odor of shaving cream. There is also usually one or more aerosol propellants involved to allow the cream to be squirted out of the can; some common propellants used for this purpose are propane, butane, and isobutane.

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