What are colonial style houses? (with photos)

Keep rooms are next to the kitchen in a colonial house.

Colonial-style homes are homes built during the colonial period in the United States, when the English, French, Germans, and Spanish had colonies scattered throughout various parts of North America. The term “colonial style house” can also refer to colonial revivalist houses, modern houses that are intended to evoke colonial style. This style of architecture has remained perennially popular in North America, and several examples can be seen in the United States, especially on the East Coast in regions such as New York and Vermont.

Colonial-style homes often feature chimneys.

Several different styles of home were built during the colonial period, and all are called colonial style homes. Local building materials often influenced the type of architecture used, as did the origins of the builders, many of whom built homes in familiar and comfortable styles, though not always practical for the climate in which they were built.

The first English-style colonial houses reflected building techniques developed in the late medieval period. Other examples of colonial style homes with an English influence include New England Colonials, Cape Cod Colonials, Georgian Colonials, and Federal Style Houses. Examples of Dutch, German and Spanish colonial style houses can also be seen, with Dutch and German houses being seen mostly around New York State, while French Colonial houses are found in the South of America, and Spanish style houses in the Southwest. and parts of California.

Several traits are common to almost all colonial-style homes. They tend to be symmetrical and are usually square or rectangular. Windows are usually closed and houses can have two floors or one with triangular attics. Homes built in the French style may have covered porches or balconies. True colonial-style houses built during the colonial period often have remarkably low ceilings and doors, reflecting the smaller stature of the people who lived during this period, and many houses have windows that flank the front door, with chimneys on either side of the front door. house or a single large chimney in the middle. Roofs in New England tend to be steep and sloping, with a much gentler slope in the southwest and south.

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Wood framing was a common construction method during the colonial period. Some German colonial-style houses were built of brick or stone, while Spanish-style houses were often made of adobe or brick. The appearance of these houses is classically very clean, with minimal ornamentation, although the door may be crowned with elaborate moldings. These homes sometimes look very austere and formal, with a floor plan that can include formal entertaining features such as a separate dining room.

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