What are chlorine tablets? (with photos)

Chlorine tablets are used in water treatment plants to sanitize water.

Chlorine tablets are solid pellets of a chemical compound containing chlorine that are used to disinfect and purify drinking water and water used in swimming pools. Chlorine has long been used to kill bacteria and microbes in water to make it safe. In its gaseous form, however, it is poisonous. Chlorine tablets have become one of the most common methods to safely deliver desired results.

It’s important to maintain optimal pH levels in a pool.

Chlorination to make water drinkable dates back to the turn of the 20th century. Soon after, chlorine also began to be used to make swimming pools safe. As home swimming pools became popular, the need arose for a quick and easy way for the average person to add chlorine to their water quickly, easily and without the risk of coming into direct contact with dangerous chemicals. Chlorine tablets have become a popular way of achieving this goal. Its use eventually extended to use in drinking water treatment plants.

In small pools, chlorine tablets can be used as the main source of chlorine.

In swimming pools, chlorine tablets are used not only to kill bacteria in the water, but also to prevent algae growth and maintain the proper pH level. The pH level is a rating on a scale that indicates how acidic or caustic a substance is. A safe pH level for a swimming pool is between 7.2 and 7.6.

Treating a pool regularly with chlorine tablets, however, generally does not guarantee that the water will remain safe. Continued use of chlorine can cause the chemicals to combine and become ineffective. Most pools should be “shocked” about once a week to ensure the water is safe to swim in. Chlorine in high concentrations can be purchased in tablets and other forms to shock a swimming pool. Individuals shocking a pool should be careful to read the instructions on the product being used because the process is often different from everyday use.

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Chlorine tablets can help kill bacteria that grow in a hot tub.

Chlorine tablets can be purchased at most stores where pool supplies are sold and can usually be found for sale online by typing the name into an Internet search engine. Most are relatively expensive and simple to use. Disinfecting and purifying a swimming pool typically involves little more than releasing the tablets into the water from a dispenser and waiting for the tablets to dissolve and be dispensed into the pool.

Using too much chlorine in a pool can cause eye irritation.

Manufacturers of most hot tubs, spas, and hot tubs recommend using chlorine tablets or other chlorine-based products to sanitize the water. The frequency of such treatments may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The owner’s manual usually provides instructions for proper chemical treatments.

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