What are chandeliers? (with photos)

Chandeliers are often used for ornamental purposes during the winter season.

Chandeliers are candlesticks with two or more branching arms. Traditionally, chandeliers were used as a light source and continue to be used for ornamental purposes in regions with electricity, especially during winter holidays when the glow of a chandelier can be a reminder of brighter times to come. . In some parts of the world, people also use the term “candelabrum” to refer to decorative electric light fixtures, although this usage is not technically correct, considering that the word is derived from the Latin candela, meaning “candle”, not “candle”. eletric lamp.” Many interior design stores sell chandeliers in a wide variety of styles, and you can also find them at antique stores and auctions.

Chandeliers can be used to celebrate special occasions.

A singular chandelier can vary widely in size, shape and style. Generally, a solid center column connected to a wide base is the support, with the arms branching out in a row from the center column. A chandelier usually has two arms on either side of the central column, creating spaces for three candles, although it is possible to find chandeliers with many more arms. Some chandeliers are quite large, intended for use as stand-alone pillars for floor candles; you can see examples of this style in some churches. Others are smaller, more suitable for use at the dining table or fireplace.

Menorah are candlesticks used during Hanukkah.

In antiquity, candlesticks were made of metals such as bronze, brass, and silver. In some cultures, multi-armed clay candlesticks were made, and when glass blowing was perfected, ornamental glass candlesticks also became available. However, metal remains the most common production material for chandeliers, probably because it is extremely strong and easy to mold.

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The arms of a chandelier can be at the same height, or at different heights, and can be ornamented with leaves, curves, grooves, and other features, or completely plain. Often, a chandelier has many decorative details, such as scrolls, foliage, and spirals in the metal, which makes it both decorative and functional. The candles are held in cups that are affixed to the arms and central column.

Many people are familiar with the special multi-branched candelabrum known as a menorah. Menorahs are used during the celebration of Hanukkah, a Jewish holiday. It is also possible, of course, to buy chandeliers with many weapons for non-religious use. For particularly ambitious decorators, some companies make giant chandeliers that rival in size those used in Greek and Roman temples.

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