What are Aloe Socks?

Aloe is a healing plant and a powerful moisturizer.

Aloe vera socks are foot coverings made from a fabric infused with aloe vera or socks with an aloe vera inner lining. Aloe is a powerful moisturizer, capable of accelerating the healing of dry skin and softening thick calluses. Typically made from a mix of spandex and nylon, these types of socks are used to moisturize and soothe the feet. Aloe vera infused socks are generally only worn short-term and are not recommended for use inside a pair of shoes, where they can produce sweat and significant displacement of the foot within the shoe.

Excessively sweaty feet can cause foot odor and even athlete’s foot.

There are two different ways to apply aloe vera to socks. Aloe vera socks can be infused with aloe vera, or they can have a light layer of aloe vera applied along the inside of the sock. Additionally, these types of socks can completely cover the foot from the tips of the toes to just above the ankle, or they can be open at the toes and can be worn during a pedicure.

These special socks can be purchased ready to wear or they can be handcrafted. One way to make aloe socks is to buy a pair of soft socks composed of a nylon and spandex mixture. Then turn the socks inside out and lightly coat them with an aloe vera lotion. Finally, wipe off excess lotion and turn the socks right side out to wear. The second way aloe socks can be made is by knitting a pair of socks using aloe infused yarn, which is available at specialty yarn stores.

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Aloe is a very effective moisturizer, penetrating deep into the skin to hydrate even the deep underlying layers of the dermis. The feet are often affected by dry, cracked skin, which can lead to sores and sometimes the development of painful calluses. Aloe Vera Socks are a great way to combat dry skin while relieving and soothing tired feet.

Aloe vera-infused socks should not be worn over shoes and should only be worn for a few hours at a time. Aloe vera infused socks create a barrier that locks sweat against the skin, preventing moisture from evaporating. The humid environment created in this situation can lead to athlete’s foot or an unpleasant foot odor. Aloe infused socks should also not be worn inside shoes. The aloe vera inside the fabric can be quite slippery and cause your feet to move around in your shoes, causing calluses or blisters.

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