What are air conditioning filters?

An air conditioning outlet.

Air conditioning filters are devices that prevent dust and dirt from clogging the air conditioning system and contaminating the air. In a building, the filter is usually inserted into the large air return duct. As air is pulled through the filter, dust and dirt get trapped in the fibers. A good filter can also be responsible for retaining allergens. All filters need to be cleaned or replaced regularly.

An air conditioner.

It is important to ensure that the air conditioning filters are clean and the right size for the air conditioning unit. A filter that is too small or dirty can have a number of adverse effects. Effects include increasing the amount of power the unit consumes, reducing cooling or heating, and contributing to unit failure. The right filter will help keep your air and air conditioning system clean and working properly.

A central air conditioner.

There are several types of air conditioning filters. The first type is the fiberglass filter. It’s the cheapest and typically only holds back large particles, letting the smaller particles travel through the air. These filters are not meant to be cleaned, but replaced. It is important to make sure these filters are not used while they are dirty as this can put a strain on the system.

An air return duct is an important part of most HVAC air conditioning systems.

Pleated fiberglass air conditioning filters are more efficient at retaining dirt. The material she uses is more densely woven. So, as air passes through the fibers, more dust and dirt can get trapped. The surface of these filters is also pleated, which increases the surface area. This means that a pleated filter will be able to hold more dust than a flat filter of the same size.

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Permanent mesh air conditioning filters can be made from different types of materials. As such, their effectiveness may vary. These filters, however, are washable. After washing, some should be sprayed with adhesive to retain dust and dirt. They may also need to be replaced from time to time due to wear and tear.

Electrostatic air conditioning filters are made of material that produces a charge when air passes through it. This charge attracts dirt and dust from the air and holds them on the surface until they can be washed away. Electric air conditioning filters are similar, except they use an electrical power source to do their job. It consists of a pre-filter and a main filter that work together to filter the air. The pre-filter captures large particles and the main filter captures the smallest.

High efficiency particulate retention filters, or HEPA filters, are possibly the most effective filters. They are said to remove 99.97% of particles with a diameter of 0.3 micrometers – smaller than the diameter of human hair. In this filter, the fibers are arranged randomly. It also contains pleats that increase the surface area, making the air filtration system more effective. HEPA filters are also used in vacuum cleaners and in hospital rooms.

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