Whether for more steady long range shooting you support a heavier bolt and broadhead combination you are an enthusiastic crossbow hunter, or you are essentially a whitetail hunter that preferences devastatingly wide holes, the NEW 100-grain aluminum expandable from Swhacker Broadhead is the appropriate response.

Product Specification


The wing blades’ single bevel grind delivers greater flight stability and sharpness. Then, on impact, the wing blades slice open the hide and explode through the first set of ribs, allowing the razor sharp main blades to expand once inside the body cavity, tearing through essential organs and, ultimately, creating a monstrous wound.

The simplicity of Swhacker’s two-blade design provides twice the slice, while the kinetic energy of the 150-grain head delivers the knock-out punch.

2-Design Specification

Our Swhackers usually arrived at 100.6 grains, giving confirmation of consistency in their manufacturing. The 1 ¾-inch cutting diameter inserted 7 1/16 inches (third best). The edges rotate on one screw, adjusting the head nicely.

We like how the cutting edges’ tips jut from the ferrule about mid-body bearing the sharp edges time to open on affect. This component disposes of veering off or jack-cutting on soak quartering shots. While this is one plain head, we observed its effortlessness and execution to be a wonderful thing.


The Swhacker has a basic design. A narrow collar opens the cutting edges in flight. There isn’t a need of rubber band or O-ring. The narrow collar fits in with the form of the ferrule splendidly, limiting in-flight aerodynamics drag.

  • Mechanical 0.032 inches steel blade
  • 3 broadheads includes in box
  • Exeptional strength and durability
  • Blade gives 1.75 inches disastrous cut
  • 100 grains weight
  • No dominant improvement as compared to previous versions


This Swhacker broadhead is well known product. There are many dominating features such as Accuracy, Reliability, steel blade and ability to give disastrous cut make is more reliable.

We highly recommend this product!