Picking the best insect or mosquito killer is not as easy as someone thinks, as there are various options available to choose from. How do you know which product is right for you? Let me tell you, in this review, I’ll tell each and everything about the Stinger Indoor Insect Killer Trap. Read the full article this will help you in making the right decision.

Key Features:

  • Easy to remove and clean tray
  • Chemical-less makes it more eco-friendly
  • Uses ultraviolet light to draw flying insects
  • The internal fan creates vacuum a draw insect inward and keep them trapped
  • Include instruction manual for quick and easy setting
  • Filament bulb is easy to replace

How does it work?

This Insect killer feature Ultraviolet (UV) to attract insect toward it, it doesn’t have any chemical, thus this electric insect killer is eco-friendly. After they attracted towards insect killer by UV light the drawn into it through a vacuum created by internal fan. Once the pests got trapped they will die of dehydration. There is a tray at the bottom to collect the dead insects; it is removable and easy to clean.

Compact Design:

This Stinger indoor insect killer trap is quite compact in size, lightweight and can be carried anywhere.


There is major flaw in the design is that it uses a light filament to draw the insects near to this but don’t kill them instantly, there are a lot of traps but alive insects simply wait to get out.

It uses bulb to emit light, if there is a power failure the fan won’t able to trap the insects and keep them there.

  • Uses UV light
  • Chemical free operation
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • In electric failure situation it won’t able to work




The Stinger Indoor insect killer trap is an excellent product and consistent performer. When it comes to performance, durability, and reliability this product turned out strong. No doubt, it is an excellent choice and adds value to your money.

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