Should I buy a Mac or a PC?

PC and Mac systems offer a great computing experience that has become more similar than different. There are still certain advantages and disadvantages to each that can be important depending on how the system is used. Macs are generally more secure, but tend to be much more expensive. Also, there is a wide variety of software for PCs, especially for business use, but Macs have excellent audio and video capabilities.

Anyone with basic hardware knowledge will be able to fix a PC, while Mac owners may have to find an expert technician.


One of the biggest deciding factors for people when buying a Mac or PC is the price. Macs are generally much more expensive than PCs, in some cases costing up to twice as much as a comparable computer. This is compensated for on some models by higher quality parts, but it might make a Mac not worth it if you just need basic computing.

Mac Laptop.


Another big difference between Macs and PCs is the degree of security. PCs are generally more prone to viruses and malware as more people use them, making them a potentially more profitable target for hackers. While newer versions of Windows have better security than older ones like Windows 98 or Windows XP, they are generally more at risk than Macs. Both operating systems are vulnerable to online attacks.

Portable PC.


Historically, there is much more software for PCs than for Macs. This is less of a problem with modern Macs, because there are emulators available that allow many PC software to run on a Mac without any modification. Software availability remains an issue, however, as Apple is very careful about the programs and applications it allows to run on its products. This means that while the software available for Macs is generally high quality and reliable, there is not as much variety of programs as for Windows.

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A desktop PC.

Macs traditionally feature in the creative industries, so a large amount of professional editing software is available for them, making them a good choice for graphic designers and people in similar industries. PCs are widely used in office and business environments and have a variety of enterprise-class productivity applications available. In terms of internet usage, most web browsers and web-based applications like email are available on any computer or mobile device, so the operating system doesn’t matter.

Macs and PCs use RAM chips.

Despite their software limitations, Macs are suitable for many types of entertainment. They have built-in software and hardware features that allow them to sync with mobile devices and online music or movie sites. PCs are the dominant gaming platform because of the powerful graphics cards available. A PC emulator is typically not capable of running games designed for another system.

Price, security and software availability are some of the deciding factors when choosing between a Mac or a PC.


A modern PC and Mac both use very similar hardware. The same companies produce the Central Processing Unit (CPU), Random Access Memory (RAM) chips, and the hard drives for the majority of systems that are available. The hardware combination in Macs is standardized, so that there is very little variance between different tiers of systems. PCs do not have a standardized hardware configuration and some minor components could come from generic manufacturers. Both are equally fast and have comparable storage capabilities depending on the model chosen.

Design and Culture

Macs are generally considered to have a better design than PCs, with most models having very smooth, modern looks. There are some comparable PC designs, however, and there is a much wider variety of looks than for Macs, which tend to all have the same aesthetic. This is because Microsoft licenses many different companies to make PCs, so there are many more designs available.

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Along with their distinctive look, Macs are also associated with a particular culture that is seen as urban, cool, and innovative. Many Mac users report being extremely pleased with their devices, and enjoy participating in the culture that comes along with having the computer. Though many report a period of adjustment when they first change from a PC, Macs are generally seen as being easier to use because of the many tutorials and intuitive design.


The maintenance of the different computer systems is another area where there is a big difference between Macs and PCs. Specially trained technicians are one of the few options available for Mac owners who need repairs and upgrades, though the technicians are known for being well-trained and easily accessible. The modular design of PCs allows anyone with basic hardware knowledge to upgrade, repair or change the individual components in the machine. The layout and design of a Mac does mean that the computer is less prone to conflicts or errors that will require repair. PCs are more vulnerable to issues caused by incompatible hardware or software driver conflicts.

Macintosh computers and software are the products of Apple Inc.

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