The New Archery Products Spitfire is an extraordinary mechanical broadhead for the two crossbows and standard hunting/chasing bows.

They come in both 125 grain and 100 grain forms. The benefit of the 125 is that it will accomplish more insertion and accuracy. The 100 grain form for the most part has more speed directly after it gets shot out of the crossbow. Despite which you purchase they keep running for $30 for a pack of 3.

Product Specifications

The New Archery Products Spitfire Maxx Broadheads 3-pack give huge blood trails to enable you to discover your prey. The 3 sharp edges have a 1-3/4″ cutting distance across for huge passage and leave wounds and crushing take down control. The micro furrowed ferrules give extraordinary accuracy and insertion.


The mechanical detention system that is used on the Spitfire to shield it from opening in-flight is exceptionally solid. We haven’t had any immature arrangements in our own particular experience and furthermore online there are not really any records to be found of organization in flight when used with a crossbow.


The ferrule on the Spitfire is smaller-grooved furrowed, which upgrades its precision and insertion. The 3 cutting edges on the Spitfire are well sharpened sharp and cause vast injury channels, leaving expansive blood trails.

The Throphy Tip enhances the bone pulverizing ability of the broad head and is extremely sturdy. The Spitfire broadheads are awesome for chasing turkey and in addition presumably being the best broadhead for deer-sized diversion.


  • Excellent accuracy with micro-grooved ferrules
  • Disastrous take down power
  • 1-3/4 inch large cut
  • Blade size is 0.03 inches
  • Mechanical type
  • No rubber band or O-ring required
  • Reliable for cut on contact
  • Can be improved more


The Archery Spitfire broadheads is reliable and multiple functioned. Its sharp blade, cut on contact, accuracy and insertion power makes it reliable.

We highly recommend this product!


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