With regards to picking a broadhead, there appear to be two general lines of thoughts. Either the fix-blade head that are solid and tough or the substantial expandable heads that are accurate and open up goliath wounds in their proposed target. Both will take care of business if put in the correct spot. Yet numerous bowmen tend to pick one side of the fence or the other. For the individuals who like huge gaps and a no-fall flat plan, the new Killzone broadhead from New Archery Products may simply be the following “enormous” thing.

Product Specifications

The Killzone is a rare-conveying 2 sharp edge mechanical broadhead that opens to an entire 2 crawls as it enters the objective. That is almost double the diameter as your normal fixed-blade edge head.

What that implies for you mechanical broadhead shooters is giant section wounds, and ideally shorter and easier recovery for animals

What makes this special?

That little gem of development lays inside the ferrule of the broadhead, and is the system that holds the sharp edges shut in flight. NAP’s protected spring-cut outline has been around for a considerable length of time in the respected Spitfire broadhead, and has helped bowhunters kill innumerable creatures.

Design Specifications

With the protected spring-cut design the Killzone’s sharp edges won’t convey rashly, which implies you don’t need to stress over your bolt running off base accidently. For the bowhunters who have dependably been leary of mechanical heads because of the likelihood of disappointment this ought to bring a major sigh of relief.


Different Available Design

The Killzone comes in three unique designs – a cut-on-contact Razor Tip, a chisel style Trophy Tip,  or the red Deep Six model that is perfect with the new Easton Deep Six segments.

Every one of the three plans are accessible in 100 grains and accompanies a similar 2 inch cutting distance across. Practice heads are accessible too, which implies you can spare your sharp edges for when you truly require them.

  • Available in 100 grains
  • 2-inch cutting distance
  • Spring cut design
  • Little gem inside the broadhead keep edges shut during flight
  • Comes in three unique designs
  • Can be improved more


The New Archery Products killzone work exceptionally good. The sharp edges, cut-on-contact, 2-inch cutting diameter and acuuracy makes it reliable.

We highly recommend this product!


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